(US MEDIA GROUP) – In a recent national free speech ranking conducted by the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE), University of California at Davis (UC Davis) holds the 237th position out of 254 universities across the country, receiving a “poor” speech rating. The University of California system’s flagship institution, UC Davis, is the only school in California to receive such a rating, showcasing room for improvement in fostering an open and tolerant environment for free expression.

The survey gathered insights from a selected group of 55,102 undergraduates enrolled at 254 four-year degree institutions throughout the United States. College Pulse, a college opinion research firm, carried out the research by engaging more than 750,000 verified undergraduate students and recent alumni. The rankings were based on various factors, including students’ comfort expressing ideas, tolerance for both liberal and conservative speakers, prevalence of disruptive conduct towards speakers, administrative support for free speech during controversial situations, and the openness of on-campus conversations regarding political issues. Actions such as supporting or disinviting speakers, as well as supporting or sanctioning student or scholar groups based on speech-related matters, influenced the final rankings.

UC Davis secured the 250th position for its tolerance of disruptive conduct and the 221st position for tolerance of conservative speakers. The university earned criticism for disinviting two campus speakers between 2019 and 2023, including the cancellation of a Turning Point USA speaking event due to a pre-event fight in front of the venue in 2022.

California State University, Los Angeles emerged as the highest-ranking California institution, standing at the 33rd position among the 254 universities nationwide. While CSU received a slightly above-average rating, it remains crucial for all universities to prioritize the protection of free speech rights to ensure a robust academic environment.

Furthermore, the University of California, Merced and Claremont McKenna College were ranked second and third, respectively, within California. Other California colleges faced challenges, with 59% of them ranging from “below average” to “poor” in terms of fostering free speech.

Pepperdine University, though excluded from the relative rankings due to its “warning” rating, faced criticism for its speech code, which restricts statements that disparage God, Jesus Christ, or religion, language that demeans identities, explicit content, and references to sex, alcohol, and drugs. Additionally, the university prohibits the use of profanity or the telling of obscene jokes during performances.

The findings highlight the need for universities to prioritize creating an inclusive and open environment that encourages free expression, allowing students to engage in diverse and robust discussions while upholding their rights.