Football aside, Avelino, like many others, grew up with role models outside of football. Notably, fellow artist and cornerstone of British music, Dizzee Rascal. 

“When I saw ‘Boy in the Corner’ Dizzee Rascal going up for a Mercury award – it helps you dream, it helps you believe that you can become something, Sometimes you need to see an example of what’s possible to believe it. [These artists], they help you dream, aspire and be something as they are proof it can be done.” 

Aaron Wan-Bissaka shared the same view, in that it’s important to have role models and inspirations in your community, as it constantly inspires the younger generation. He explained to Avelino: “It shows the opportunity and the doors they can open for others, giving the hope that you can do it, if you chase your dreams.” 

He then mentioned fellow baller Wilfried Zaha, “It gets deeper if someone from your area [Croydon] has done it, like Wilfried Zaha – he opened doors and motivated us, growing up, that we could actually do it. You see and hear the stories, what they went through, similar to what you are living.”