As a kid, you are likely more focused on when you can next eat M&M’s rather than whether or not the M&M’s spokescandies are mammals. And yet, this topic is hard to ignore when watching an M&M’s commercials as a learned adult.

As it turns out, M&M’s commercials have depicted these anthropomorphic candies with hair, which firmly establishes them as a member of the mammalian kingdom. It also establishes that the brand’s most iconic figures are actually all bald. Yes, it’s lore-accurate. In one particularly enlightening commercial, Red wishes upon a lucky penny to turn human, at which point he morphs into Danny DeVito. Then at the end of the commercial, Brown says, “you’re still short and bald.” Ouch.

Weirder yet, their candy shells are considered clothes. The spokescandies have been depicted removing their candy shell like it is clothing. Nobody said the physiology of the M&M’s spokescandies had to make sense, but it also didn’t have to be this weird. Ignorance is bliss, kids.