The Billboard Latin and Billboard Español edit teams rank the ultimate Spanish-language pop songs from Y2k to now.

Our list of the best 50 Latin pop songs of the 2000s is culled from the collective input of our Latin editorial team. While the list is meant to be a compilation of pop recordings, it includes songs in other genres — tropical, regional Mexican, reggaetón — that were so impactful that they entered the realm of pop culture, regardless of genre.

While the definition of “pop” can be argued endlessly, what’s not arguable is that “pop” in music means popular. These are songs that are recognizable in the very broad stylistic and geographical universe of Latin music; obscure works or deep cuts, no matter how merit-worthy, are not on this list.

But, broad recognition alone didn’t translate to inclusion on this list. Our choices had to truly meet the definition of a great pop song: Catchy, hooky, beautifully crafted, compelling lyrics, universally appealing, innovative.

In compiling this list, we wanted to focus on the new century, the time period when Latin music truly began to become global,  and have only included tracks released from 2000. Do not cry for 1999 releases; they are not on this particular list.

We focused on enduring tracks, those that sound as fresh and relevant today as they did the day we heard them for the first time. Standing the test time matters.

Other criteria we took in mind was inclusivity. Although some artists boast multiple masterpieces, in order to widen the scope of our list and allow for more artists to be part of it, we limited representation to one song per artist, with the exception of key collabs. Last, but certainly not least, a song’s cultural and musical impact affects its placement in the rankings.  Enjoy and pick your favorites!