#1: Chest-Length Haircut with Layered Bangs

The chest-length haircut with layered bangs is a versatile and chic hairstyle. It combines length with layered bangs for a stylish and contemporary look. This haircut features hair that falls to the chest, creating a flattering silhouette. The layered bangs are expertly cut to frame the face, adding texture and movement. The layers in the hair enhance volume and provide a sense of dimension. This versatile haircut can be worn straight, curled, or waved to suit different occasions.

#3: Curtain Bangs and Subtle Long Layers

Curtain bangs and subtle long layers are a classy mix that flatters any face shape. The curtain bangs, gently parted in the middle, frame the face with softness. The subtle long layers add dimension and movement to the overall hairstyle. The curtain bangs beautifully complement various face shapes, enhancing their natural features. Adding subtle long layers provides a classy and refined touch. It’s a timeless choice for those seeking a chic and polished appearance.

#4: Textured Wavy Layers and Heavy Fringe

If you have medium to coarse hair with a high density, try a textured cut with a wavy layer and heavy fringe. This cut will help give your hair more movement and dimension. Remember you’ll need to visit the salon every 6-8 weeks for bang trims.

#5: Textured Razor Cut with Short Bangs

Embrace your edgy and fun self with the textured razor cut with short bangs hairstyle! The textured layers add depth and dimension, while the bangs frame the face with a youthful touch. For styling, apply a small amount of texturizing spray to enhance the texture. Use a flat iron to create piecey and tousled waves for a chic vibe.

Tousled Long Haircut with Wispy Messy Bangs for Older Ladies Over 50

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#6: Tousled Long Haircut with Messy Bangs

Try a tousled, layered haircut with messy bangs if you have wavy to curly hair. Use a styling cream like Hairstory’s Hair Balm on very wet hair to seal in moisture for the perfect air-dry style.

#7: Long Textured Curls with Subtle Side Bangs

If you want balance in your face shape, I recommend facial mapping with your stylist. This is where you go over face shapes and styles that best suit your face. This style is great for those with pear, square, and long-face shapes. Create width around the temples and a side bang for an asymmetrical balance. It breaks up the facial structure into a more balanced oval shape.

#8: ’70s Shaggy Blonde Hair with Fringe

Ask for a ’70s shaggy blonde hairstyle with fringe. When having long hair and getting into your 50s, fear not. The best way to wear long hair as you age is with a face-framing style. Just like layers from the 70s and a fringe to bring out your eyes. Layers help to bring out your features and create an uplifting effect when styled up and away from the face.

#9: Straight Thin Layers with Bottleneck Bangs

Here are straight thin layers with bottleneck bangs. If you have longer textured hair, you may want to add bangs for depth to your hair. Fringe helps create fullness and shape around your face.

#10: Face-Framing Bangs on Straight Blonde Hair

Enhance your features with the fabulous face-framing bangs on straight blonde hair! The bangs delicately frame the face. They show off your best features and add a touch of allure.

#11: Long Copper Layers and Airy Bangs

Consider a long copper layered cut with airy bangs. Ask your stylist to add some lightly layered bangs for women in their 50s looking to keep their long hair. Also, ask about facial framing to accentuate your best facial features. Airy bangs will give your forehead coverage over beauty lines while making your eyes pop.

#12: Eye-Grazing Fringe for Dark Red Hair

Turn heads with the eye-grazing fringe for dark red hair! This hairstyle merges the intensity of dark red locks with the allure of a fringe that skims the eyes. The result is a mysterious look that demands attention. Try pairing this bold fringe with loose waves for an effortless vibe to make you stand out in any crowd.

#13: Textured Long Shag with Wavy Bangs

Consider a textured long shag with wavy bangs and change things up. This interesting cut gives a modern approach to long hair. The full bang section is disconnected from the long lengths framing your face well. The bang section is cut far into the crown area to create a shaggy feel that softens your features. You can dry the bang with your hands or soften it with a round brush moving backward away from the face. Try air-drying the rest for a messy and organic finish.

#14: Sleek Fine Hair with Long Bangs

Sleek fine hair with long bangs is a versatile hairstyle for aging hair! This look combines sleek fine hair with long, face-framing bangs. The fine hair texture allows for a smooth appearance. The long bangs add a touch of modernity and frame the face beautifully.

#15: Shagged Curly Hair with Textured Bangs

Shagged curly hair with textured bangs is a free-spirited hairstyle. The cut combines the charm of shag cuts with curly locks and textured bangs. The shaggy layers in the hair enhance the natural texture and provide a sense of movement and volume. The curly locks add a playful and whimsical touch, exuding a carefree and bohemian vibe. The textured bangs beautifully frame the face. They add a stylish and edgy element to the overall look.

#16: Blunt Haircut with Sleek Fringe

The long blunt haircut with a sleek fringe is a polished hairstyle. The hair is cut precisely, creating clean lines and a sleek silhouette. The fringe is perfectly styled. It falls straight and smoothly across the forehead, framing the face beautifully. This hairstyle is perfect for ladies looking for a timeless and refined look.

#17: Long Tousled Straight Hair with Face Frame

You’ll look edgy in long tousled straight hair with a face frame. We all want a shape that is age-defying. So add a face frame and some long layers, and consider a middle part. Blow dry your style upside down for sexy volume and embrace your inner hippie. Older women can pull this off and feel youthful.

#18: Long Blonde Waves and Barely-There Bangs

Get that ’90s, beachy, Pam Anderson look with long blonde waves and barely there bangs. Ask your stylist for a golden-beige tone and wispy bangs. To achieve all that volume, use a volumizing mousse. My favorite is Body Builder Volumising Mousse before blow drying.

#19: Full Bangs on Sleek Straight Hair

Full bangs are the perfect way for the glasses wearer with sleek straight hair to add fun to their haircut. Bangs help bring more attention to your eyes that glasses tend to hide. If you straighten your hair, always use heat protection. Try Hairstory Dressed Up, and never turn your iron above 350 degrees.

#20: Feathery Face-Framing Layers on Long Hair

The feathery face-framing layers on long hair create a gorgeous and dimensional look. These layers cascade around the face. They add softness and frame the features beautifully. The feathery texture adds movement and an ethereal quality to the long hair. This hairstyle is designed to provide depth and dimension. It’s perfect for those looking to elevate their long hair with elegance.

#21: Short Fringe with Long Soft Waves

Here’s a modern hairstyle with a short fringe with flowing, long waves. The short fringe frames the face with a bold and chic touch. The long soft waves create a sense of movement and elegance, adding a touch of romance to the overall look. This versatile style can be transitioned from casual to formal occasions. It’s suitable for various events.

#22: Side-Swept Wavy Hair with Fringe

The side-swept wavy hair with fringe is a captivating and versatile hairstyle. The cut combines the elegance of side-swept waves with a stylish fringe. The wavy texture adds a touch of glamour and movement to the hair, creating a soft and romantic look. The fringe, delicately swept to the side, frames the face and enhances the eyes. The bangs add a modern and fashionable touch. This hairstyle can be customized to suit different hair lengths and face shapes.

#23: Messy Gray Mullet Shag

The messy gray mullet shag is a bold and edgy hairstyle. It combines messy texture with a modern twist on the classic mullet. The gray color adds a cool and trendy vibe to the overall look. This haircut features layers of varying lengths, creating a shaggy and disheveled effect. The messy styling adds an element of rebellion and nonchalant charm. The mullet shape is characterized by shorter hair in the front and longer strands in the back. The cut creates a unique and eye-catching silhouette.

#24: Long Straight Hair with Choppy Ends

Long straight hair with choppy ends is a flattering hairstyle. It adds texture and movement to the hair. The choppy ends create a dynamic and edgy look, while the straightness of the hair adds sleekness. This hairstyle draws attention to the eyes by framing the face and allowing the eyes to be the focal point. The length of the hair provides versatility for styling. You could wear various updos and down styles.

#25: Purple Reverse Balayage Hair with Light Fringe

Purple reverse balayage hair with a light fringe is a striking hairstyle for a bold look. The reverse balayage involves applying a vibrant purple shade to the lower sections of the hair. This creates a beautiful contrast with the natural or lighter color on top. A light fringe adds softness and frames the face, enhancing the overall style. This mix of texture and color creates a dynamic and eye-catching effect that will make a statement.

Long Subtle Layers with French Bangs for Mature Women Over 50

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#26: Long Subtle Layers with French Bangs

You’ll love the sleek style of long subtle layers with French bangs. Bangs are trending for long hairstyles and will make you appear younger. Not only is this style beautiful, but it is also effortless to achieve if your cut is on point. You’ll want to ask for minimal layering in length to maintain the integrity of the bottom and a full thick bang. Style your cut by blow drying with a large round brush or your hands.

Feathered Bangs on Long Bronde Curly Shag for Women Aged 50

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#27: Feathered Bangs for Bronde Curly Shag

Feathered bangs with a bronde curly shag are the best wash-and-go style for long wavy to curly hair. Let this style air-dry with a styling balm, blow dry the bangs with a round brush, and diffuse or air-dry the rest. This cut is so low-maintenance that you’ll only need to go for shape-ups every 3-4 months.

#28: Medium-Long Hair with Rounded Bangs

Try rounded bangs if you have medium to long hair and want a shape that frames your face beautifully. Bangs will expose the cheekbones. The tapered face-framing layers soften the jawline giving an illusion of the face.

Meet The Expert

Mitch Kadlec
Mitch Kadlec
Mitch is a haircut specialist with over 19 years of experience.
You can find him at Nancy Angelair Hair Salon in Chicago, IL.

Bangs for Different Hair Types

For those with thicker hair, Mitch recommends opting for a curtain bang or blunt bangs, keeping it simple and not adding too much texture. If you prefer a layered side-swept bang, a straight shear can help remove some weight.

For fine hair, the bottleneck bang is a favorite style. Start with a shorter center bang and angle it out to frame the cheekbones. Styling should include products like volume mousse and a round brush.

If you have natural or wavy hair, embrace your natural texture and use a straight shear when styling. No matter your hair type, don’t be afraid to try various bang styles, whether a layered curtain bang or a full, heavy bang.

Choosing Bangs Based on Face Shape

Mitch emphasizes considering your face shape when choosing bang styles. For round faces, a side-swept bang that opens up the forehead is ideal. Adding an angled cut can create the illusion of a longer face. Alternatively, a micro bang can be a trendy choice.

Ladies with oval faces have the luxury of choosing any bang style, as it complements their perfect face shape. For square faces, a layered curtain bang can help soften the features and open up the face.

If you have a long face, avoid short bangs, as they can make your face appear even longer. Opt for something above the eyebrows and add face-framing layers for a flattering look.

Styling Tips and Recommended Products

Before getting your bangs, chat with your stylist to determine the best style for your hair texture and lifestyle. Mitch suggests drying your bangs first when styling, using your hands initially and then a round brush. Always direct the blow dryer airflow downward to achieve a smooth finish.

To extend the life of your bangs, use dry shampoo and invest in high-quality tools like a hairdryer and boar bristle brushes. And here’s a crucial tip: resist the urge to trim your own bangs; your stylist can do it for you for free.