Silver and gray hair is often associated with elegance and wisdom, and there is a wealth of possibilities for showcasing its beauty. Professional stylists have offered their input and handpicked four sophisticated bob-inspired hairstyles to inspire you. We’ve included a list of celebrity icons who have effortlessly rocked the gray look to further fuel your creativity.

We reached out to top-notch hair experts who have shared their top tips and tricks to help you maintain your silvery mane in tip-top condition. Read on for tips, suggestions and insight from Krysta Guerrero, owner and stylist at Base Salon Chicago, Dr. Roshan Vara, hair transplant surgeon and co-founder at The Treatment Rooms and Ghanima Abdullah, hair expert and cosmetologist at The Right Hairstyles.

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4 Effortless And Flattering Bobs For Gray-Haired Beauties

1. Wavy Bob with Sideswept Bangs

Glenn Close‘s gray shoulder-length bob and side bangs pairing is elegant and ageless. “A longer bob is always very flattering,” Vara says, and it is a “great way to grow out your gray hair.” Abdullah adds that long, sideswept bangs like these “add length and volume so you don’t have to spend hours styling.”

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2. Asymmetrical Bob

Halle Berry is a clear fan of a great voluminous pixie-inspired bob and Abdullah notes that it’s a timeless, tried-and-true style for women over 40 for many reasons. “As we age, our hair tends to thin and dull so regular trims, a fun cut, [and] maybe some fresh color and glossing treatments, are great ways to maintain a youthful look,” Abdullah explains.

She stresses that a bob like this with layers is one of the best ways to draw more attention to your face, while also maintaining locks that are easy to manage, and give off an effortless look. “Ask your stylist about the amount and placement of layers that will help create volume and body in your hair,” she says. “Tell them you would like to create more volume.


3. Voluminous Bob with Curtain Bangs

With bouncy, collarbone-length curls, Blythe Danner‘s look is reminiscent of retro Golden Age glam yet still so modern. Abdullah adds that her wispy curtain bangs can always flatter mature beauties and make their faces look more symmetrical. This cut, which requires face-framing, longer fringe parted down the center, “flatters just about any face at any age,” according Abdullah.

Curtain bangs, she explains, “neatly frame the face while drawing attention away from serious aging signs.” In addition, she points out that this type of fringe cut “creates a soft, natural looking wave at the top of the head.” They are often used to “frame the face and specifically, to give it a youthful appearance,” she concludes. “The style works well for women who want to hide thinning hair in the front,” Abdullah notes.

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4. Bixie

If you can’t decide between a bob or pixie, we have good news. You don’t have to! A ‘bixie’ (or bob-meets-pixie) like Jane Fonda’s is very in for the season, and can be a very flattering and chic choice, Guerrero explains. There are elements of both styles to play with here in this social media-fave cut, and spring is a great time to find what works for you.

“The bixie is a traditional bob haircut that’s combined with a pixie,” she says. “The nice thing about a bixie is its versatility — not only can you adjust the length and opt to have it a little longer, but there is no one way to do it when it comes to the style. The cut is totally customizable based on your preference.”


The Bottom Line

While these four chic hairstyles for women with naturally gray locks are a great starting point, there are countless other options available. If you’re planning a trip to the salon this winter for a hair refresh, Abdullah suggests bringing along a few photos to determine what styles would be the most flattering for you. Keep learning and exploring to discover the perfect look for your individual beauty.