Louis Glismann
Louis Glismann Credit: Oktagon MMA

The label “prospect” usually means young up-and-comers dubbed as the future of the sport. With that are said there are some fighters that don’t get the same love just because of their age. They could’ve got a late start in the sport, transitioned over from a different combat career, or maybe just fighters that never got their shot under the brightest lights. Here are some men/women at the age of 32 and over that are still worth watching for.

Remember, Dana White may say that he’s not looking for 35-year old contenders, etc. — but he still signs one every now and then!

Kamal Magomedov

Magomedov would be in a big promotion today if he actually made it to the cage. Over the last four years, he’s had more canceled fights than actual fights. He hasn’t fought yet this year already failing to make it to the cage once. It’s a shame too because I view him as one of the better welterweight prospects. The Russian is a big threat when it comes to catching a neck and on the feet, he’s a threat at finding that jaw.

Sunni Imhotep

One reason Imhotep is still a prospect at 32 is that he had a long amateur career fighting thirty times; 5-2 MMA, 6-1 Kickboxing, and 16-0 Muay Thai. He’s already fought in big promotions like Cage Warriors and Bellator. Imhotep trains out of Black House MMA so he’s always training with top guys making him better. He’s a tall lightweight at six-foot-one that knows how to use his range. He’s got crispy striking and over time has proved to be well-rounded using takedowns and jiu-jitsu to mix it up.