Rate of uterine cancer on the rise in women of color

Rate of uterine cancer on the rise in women of color

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – May is National Women’s month, and while this is a time to celebrate women, it’s important to acknowledge the disparities some women face, especially in health care.

Uterine cancer is known for being most common among older women, but according to the CDC, there has been a steady 4% increase of uterine cancer in Black and Hispanic women since 2001.

Experts have found that obesity, along with societal conditioning have a large part to play in the origins of uterine cancer.

Doctor Ghandi is a gynecologist oncologist at Promedica. She says often times hormonal manipulation, such as birth control, is used as a preventative measure.

“All of those methods have actually been shown to decrease the risk of certain types of uterine cancer,” said Dr. Ghandi.

While these methods have been proven effective, they are less likely to benefit women of color.

“Other uterine cancers may not respond to those hormonal methods and women of color, minorities, are at higher risk of those non-hormonally responsive uterine cancers.”

Some of the symptoms women should look out for include:

  • abnormal vaginal bleeding
  • bleeding during menopause
  • abnormal spotting or discharge
  • difficulty urinating
  • abnormal pap test results
  • pain in the pelvic area.

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