It’s an ongoing tradition: Getting the autograph of your favorite artist, then having said autograph tattooed where it was signed, so it will last forever. That may have been what one concertgoer had in mind at a recent Luke Combs show, but it’s not what he got.

A fan at Combs’ show at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia over the weekend asked the superstar to design his first-ever tattoo. The fan even waited for a two-hour rain delay to try to make this happen, and was armed with a Sharpie and a sign requesting Combs’ artistry.


Frankiev22, TikTok


Combs spotted the sign in the crowd, and a security guard passed it to the front of the stage. Watch in the video below as Combs asks the fan what to write, and the fan replies:

“Whatever you want!” He may be regretting that now.

Combs shakes his head in agreement and has a smirk on his face as he scribbles something, like a kid who knows he’s about to do something wrong.

It took him all of 17 seconds to conjure up a drawing, which resembles something a 12-year-old might have drawn, with a similar sense of humor.

Should there be any confusion about the doodle, Combs included a description:


Frankiev22, TikTok


Yes, those are breasts — or as Combs wrote: “Big a– ti–ies.”

The true litmus test for this will come in the coming weeks, to see if this fan actually goes through with this tattoo. One can only hope that he realizes that even in this hilarious form, a one-of-a-kind tattoo with this kind of backstory is worthy of sharing with the grandkids someday.

The 2023 Luke Combs World Tour is currently running and will continue until the end of October 2023.

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