Yes, I know that Halloween season is over a month away.  But, if you are really into making the most out of that season, and you love all of the haunted experiences, houses, hayrides, etc., you might as well start planning your Halloween season now.

On the list (if you are really into being scared) should be this attraction in Cottage Grove.  It’s called “A Haunting Experience” and it’s in the running as the “Best Haunted House Attraction” in the United States.  And looking over the other nominees, it has some stiff competition.

Here are some of the other ones…and this is just to name a few:

13th Floor Haunted House in Phoenix, Blood Prison in Ohio, Camp Blood in Georgia, Field of Screams in Maryland, Frightmare Manor in Tennessee, The Horrorland Miami in Florida, and so many more.  I will let other people explore all of these things… because there is no way I will ever be attending any of these haunted attractions.  I’m not one for scary movies, either.  I know it’s really some people’s jam.  Just not mine.  Although I will say that it would be cool to have the winner be from Minnesota.

So, if you would like Minnesota to win this contest, you can vote!  From today you have 20 days left to vote.  The link is here, and you can also check out all of the other nominees too.  They all look pretty sinister.

Oh, if you want to know what the description is for the attraction in Minnesota – here ya go.

At The Haunting Experience, visitors must find their way through the haunted house’s winding corridors, which are filled with diabolical sights and sounds, including the remains of an abandoned hospital. The scares continue on the haunted hayride that takes the brave through the shadowy forest. If you still haven’t had your fill of frights, try to escape a dark cornfield where the sounds of chainsaws fill the night air.

Ok – you go first… I’ll wait.

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