WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — A local production company is making waves by spotlighting underrepresented women of color in their 40s and beyond. Felicia Pride, the creative force behind the initiative, is at the helm of this transformative movement. 

Pride, a writer, director and producer, moved to Los Angeles at 35 with a single script in hand and soon realized that her life experiences and age were valuable assets in the world of storytelling.

She founded Honey Chile, an independent media and production company committed to featuring Black women aged 40 and over both in front of and behind the camera. 

The focus of Honey Chile is to tell authentic stories that resonate with women in this demographic, covering themes such as love, sexuality and starting over. The company also aspires to venture into various genres, including science fiction, while fostering opportunities for women in the film industry.

Hadiyah Robinson, an actress who starred in Honey Chile’s film “Look Back At It,” emphasized the need for more nuanced representation.

She stated that most portrayals of older women tend to be one-dimensional, falling into the extremes of having their lives “together” or facing adversity.

Robinson, along with Honey Chile, seeks to fill the gap by portraying the rich and multifaceted lives of women in their 40s.

Screening the film at the Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival, a space for filmmakers, actors and stories of diverse backgrounds to showcase their voice, currently in its 10th staging, Pride said Honey Chile’s mission is resonating with audiences, with Black women applauding the company’s dedication to showcasing authentic and fully realized characters on screen.