To maintain spotless hair after the age of 50, you need to follow a series of recommendations and carry out specific treatments to improve hair health. We learned from João Costa, stylist at Maison Eduardo Sanchez, experts at Carche Beauty Palace and experts at Alfalfa Milano how to get shiny and strong hair.

With menopause, there are changes in a woman’s hair and skin, so we have to be vigilant to minimize problems. As João Costa of Maison Eduardo Sánchez explains, “From the age of 50, hair ages and becomes thinner, more fragile, brittle and gray. “However, the cycle of hair loss and new hair growth continues.”

Highlights for gray hair. Source: Pinterest.

color type for silver hair

With the appearance of gray hair, many women They choose to color their hair, while others prefer to gray their hair. A movement that, for example, actresses such as Andie MacDowell or Helen Mirren and Angela Molina in Spain have chosen. If we talk about color preferences, João Costa highlights that “the thing that is most worked on in clients of this age are the highlights, which are always a There are good options.

so that the mane Mud or color baths (without covering everything) are also very popular for curing the first gray hairs. In fact, the expert says there are other customers who want natural hair with highlights or tints that add shine.

Highlights for gray hair. Source: Pinterest.

As for our most popular colors maneCosta de Mason Eduardo Sánchez highlights that “the most common are the tones that rejuvenate the most, these are honey, golden, light brown highlights and gradients, blondes and coppery browns, as they soften and enhance the features. Take away the hardness.

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