Being a star kid in Bollywood is something of a full-time job—just ask Taimur Ali Khan and younger brother Jeh. With not one but two A-lister celebrities to call as parents, the duo understandably finds themselves besieged with attention wherever they go. And if you were to sift closely through the tabloid newsprint, you’d find a portrait emerging of a six-year-old doing his part to help his younger brother navigate the media circus that was once inexplicably thrust upon him.

Besides striking the genetic lottery, the brothers also share the burden of unprecedented public scrutiny—although if it were up to Taimur, he would shield his younger sibling from the media glare. For proof, look no further than the viral video circulating online of the two kids being pursued by cameras on a day out until an agitated Taimur finally ground out, “Band karo, dada.”

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The protective streak runs strong at home as well, affirms Kareena. In an episode of her talk show What Women Want, the star shared that Taimur Ali Khan likes to indulge his younger brother’s whims, often taking a mature, understanding stance on minor squabbles. “Right now, I think they are in that phase where Taimur is six and Jeh is two and everything that Taimur is using, from a crayon to a book, Jeh is going and snatching it. Taimur is very understanding and very loving. He will always be like, ‘Okay, Jeh take it.’ And then I’ll go and tell Tim that, ‘Thank you so much, you are being so kind’ and he is like, ‘No, it’s okay, he’s my little brother’. So in that sense, I’m very happy that Tim is also very balanced, and quite strong,” she shared. Having grown up sharing a close bond with sister Karisma Kapoor—with whom she still concedes to chatting four times a day—the camaraderie between the boys clearly lends itself to the twinkle in her eye.