If you’ve ever used manifestation to infuse high-vibe energy into your life, you’re not alone. Maybe you believe in the law of attraction and have used it to get your dream job, cultivate self-love, or even make new friends. Now, all you’re missing is romantic love. But is it possible to manifest that, too? For some, the answer is yes.

Below, seven Gen Zers share how they attracted their relationships, from what they wrote in their manifestation journals to what crystals they used, and how long it took for them to find their special someone.

I Wrote About Wanting Him To Talk To Me In My Diary For 4 Years

Starting at around 12 years old, I developed a crush on my current boyfriend. He was the first real crush I had. Right from the beginning, I felt like I was supposed to be in his life and vice versa. I know it sounds strange, but I had this gut feeling that we were meant to be in a relationship at some point in this lifetime.

Every day, I would write in my diary and manifest this potential relationship. Typically, I’d write a recap of my day, and at the end, I would write, “I hope he talks to me tomorrow. Wish me luck!!” Most of the time, he totally didn’t.

About four years went by between the start and end of my diary entries. In those four years, we didn’t speak much. I was horribly shy around him, so I never approached him.

Junior year is when we finally ended up in a class together. I still really liked him, but was way too nervous to talk to him. We ended up talking a couple of times since we were in the same class. Then a few weeks later, he asked one of my friends if I was single and if he could have my number! There was literally no reason why he would’ve known my feelings for him. When my friend told me, I sprinted around my house practically screaming. He then texted me and asked me out on a date! I was SO shocked. Everything lined up in such an odd, yet beautiful way. Ever since that first date, we truly hit it off, and I am beyond happy. — Logan, 22, Portland, Maine

I Made A Detailed List Of What I Wanted In A Partner At Age 10

I’ve been in a relationship for three years with my current boyfriend, and I know for a fact that I manifested this man. I remember when I was a little girl — around 10 years old — I wrote all of these things in my journal about a “perfect man.” I was envisioning little things about him, like blue eyes and blonde hair that grew into a dirty brunette with age, and tanned skin.

I didn’t know I was manifesting at the time — I thought I was just making a quirky list. Then, when I was about 16, I started dating people, and the list I made wasn’t really something I hung onto. But at the same time, I never forgot that memory.

In 2017, after I went through four relationships, I met a guy at a bar. I wasn’t even looking for anyone, but I was with a friend who thought he was cute, so I encouraged her to go talk to him with my support. However, to my surprise, he chose me at the end of the day. In retrospect, he’s the man I wrote down on that piece of paper, to a T. That night, my now-boyfriend and I talked, kissed, and exchanged numbers at the bar, but we lost touch after that.

Two years later, he reached out to me via DM. It was July 7, 2019, and I had posted a selfie from a wedding I attended. He DMed me with a hilarious comment about someone behind me in the picture, and we started talking. Then, he took me out on a date and that’s when everything clicked. He was so open, reciprocated every one of my feelings, and I felt like it was meant to be — so cosmic — the way we fit together.

On multiple occasions, I’ve been told by astrologers that my ancestors and his ancestors have a soul contract between us — and that not only were we put on this earth partially for each other, but that we are the perfect opposites of male and female, and meant to teach the other what we don’t understand about the opposite sex. We’ll be together forever, honestly, and I couldn’t imagine anything else. — Rachael, 24, Long Island, New York

I Tried A Manifestation Ritual At The Beach

In July 2019, I had recently moved to Newport Beach, California, and started seeing a new therapist. I was working through a lot of trauma from past relationships, including people-pleasing and anxiety. After a few weeks of setting the foundation for our sessions, my therapist asked me what I wanted in my next partner. I couldn’t give her an answer immediately, so she assigned it as homework. After a few days, I wrote down a list on my phone. Here is what I wrote:

“Someone who is supportive, kind, and accepting of my mental illness, affectionate, a good communicator, open and transparent, proud of our relationship, has family values, likes adventures, loves music, is eager to share things we love with each other, spiritual in some aspect, handsome, emotionally mature, intelligent, determined to succeed, has a sense of humor, someone who takes care of himself but can also support me when I need, and someone who will make me feel desired on the regular.”

I was also super into manifestation rituals at the time, so I took my phone list and wrote it down on a piece of paper. I went to the beach with my favorite crystals (rose quartz and tiger’s eye) and read my list out loud, then folded it inwards to myself to maximize the energy of the manifestation. After that, I burned the letter and buried the ash in the sand, mostly for dramatic effect. Then I refused to settle for anyone who didn’t match my list of what I wanted in a partner.

Two months later, I matched with Richard on Bumble and we went out for a first date. Within two weeks, I realized he was everything I had written down and so much more. Now, almost four years later, we are married, own a house, and have three cat children. I continue to manifest, and it always works out one way or another. — Isabel, 27, Seattle, Washington

I Journaled & Met My Partner 2 Weeks Later

In the fall of 2020, I was a year and a half out of college, and I hadn’t been in a serious relationship since high school. I had just ended a six-month situationship, and I was fed up. I wanted something steady and consistent, and I knew I was ready for it. So I journaled and wrote down the qualities and characteristics I wanted in a partner: “Someone who values my time, who can make me laugh, who doesn’t make me question their interactions … and great sex.”

I wrote those things in my journal and then thought, “I’m putting this away, and hopefully something will come to fruition from it.”

Two weeks later, I went on a Hinge date with this guy who ended up becoming my boyfriend. From the start, it was everything I was looking for. We made it official three months later, and that’s when it dawned on me that I manifested this for myself. We dated for about three years and ended up growing apart, but he was exactly what I needed at the time. Ultimately, it didn’t work out, but the fact that I manifested him has always resonated with me. — Mary, 26, New York, NY

I Said Our Future Out Loud The Day I Met My Now-Husband

In Elizabeth, New Jersey, where my family moved after living in Florida for two years, there were a total of seven high schools. When my sister and I enrolled, we were asked where we wanted to attend, and my sister picked. I started my senior year of high school on Sept. 28, 2017. I’ll never forget it because that’s the day I met my husband, David.

I walked into my first class and noticed him. He was tall, had a chiseled jawline, thick dark hair, eyes you could swim in, and lashes that went to the moon and back — like a boy straight out of the Wattpad books I read. I also met my best friend Nicky in class, and it turned out she knew David.

Later that day, there was a meeting and my friend Nicky forced me to go. There, I heard David laugh and felt electricity go through my body. Something about his laugh was so comforting, it gave me butterflies. Walking home later that day with my sister, I told her, “I met my husband today.” She looked at me like I had three heads, but I told her, “We’ll get married in the summertime and have our first kid in the winter.”

A week or so went by, and I’d eat lunch with Nicky, David, and four of our other friends. I found out he had a girlfriend. My heart shattered, but I respected that he was in a relationship, and hid my feelings the best I could. Soon after, I heard him asking our English teacher, “What do you do when you don’t want to be with someone anymore?” They broke up about a week later, and I felt bad for being happy about their relationship ending. About two weeks after that, we finally said a word to each other and stated how we felt.

We were both 17 when we started dating, and now we’ve been together for five years and married for three with a 20-month-old son. We married in the summer and our son was born in the winter, just like I manifested. — Genesis, 22, Woodbridge, New Jersey

I Used A Manifestation Prompt From TikTok

One day, I was scrolling through TikTok and I saw a video of a girl talking about mantras and manifestation prompts. I thought, “Let’s see what this is all about.”

I pulled out my manifestation journal, meditated, then opened a page and wrote, “Thank you angels and guides for putting me on the same frequency as my everlasting romantic soulmate.” Then, I wrote “He is…” and went into extreme detail about what I wanted my partner to look like, feel like, and who I wanted him to be — emotionally and romantically.

One of the key elements I put was “emotionally available.” I wrote physical attributes like “color of eyes,” but I also wrote “romantic, caring, open-minded, curious, passionate,” and things like “similar points of view, mindset, and life goals.” I also made sure to write that the person is an LGBTQ+ ally, a feminist who cares about women’s rights, and a supporter of Black Lives Matter. After that, I wrote, “Thank you angels, universe, and guides for allowing me to vibrate as high as my romantic soulmate, the love of my life.”

During the manifestation, I also used crystals — rose quartz, which is for love; sodalite, which is really good for communication; and howlite, which is a very calm, serenity crystal. Then, I let the manifestation go and let the universe do its thing.

A few months later, I met someone. Within the first six months of seeing each other, I went back to my manifestation list and realized, “Hold up, this is very, very specific.” At the time, I thought maybe I manifested him, but after that, the relationship went downhill. I thought, “OK, maybe it wasn’t him.”

A few months later, I met another person. I was in my self-love era, going to the gym almost every day and getting healthy. When I met this guy and got to know him, I realized that my ex-boyfriend was not the person that I was trying to manifest. It was this person, my current partner. I don’t think I’ve ever met a man like him in my life.

I am so thankful to have manifested him and that I realized my ex-boyfriend wasn’t the one. Sometimes, what you think is meant to be yours is not. The universe is putting other people in your way for self-growth and to help you become a better person, only to later give you the person you deserve. — Sara, 19, Montreal, Canada

I Manifested My Partner Through A Playlist

When I was 19, Vince entered my world through our friends. One day, while I was walking on campus with my friend, I crossed paths with Vince and his friend. Our friends engaged in conversation, leaving Vince and me no choice but to strike up a chat to avoid an awkward silence. Surprisingly, we clicked instantly, discussing the architecture of the building nearby. This immediate connection felt like destiny, especially since we both shared a creative side and a passion for design — a rare find for me. Little did I know this alignment would make even more sense later, as we both evolved into content creators.

After our initial meeting, I added Vince on Facebook and Instagram, and my heart sank when he didn’t follow me back on Instagram for five days. Strangely, this seemed to intensify my crush. Our connection deepened when I joined the business society. Slowly, we fostered a genuine friendship, free of expectations.

I’ve been a huge believer in that you attract the energy you exude. When I wanted to attract Vince, I made a Spotify playlist named “Vince” and added songs that reminded me of him or matched his vibe. I know it sounds silly, but I even saw his Snapchat story with an Odesza song playing, so I added the entire new Odesza album to the playlist.

I feel like the playlist and manifestation with music brought us closer together. Listening to the playlist, I imagined our relationship and moments together — and I’d even play it as we drove together. I grew to like the music and almost embody him in a way. Without even realizing it, I shifted my energy to match his vibe. I feel like that’s the last stage of manifestation — when you become something you want.

We became official about a year after I made the playlist. Prior to then, I maintained a calm demeanor, and he had no inkling of my feelings until just three days before we officially became a couple. (I’m convinced that sharing your aspirations and manifestations with others can be detrimental; after all, you’re meant to draw things in, not aggressively pursue them.)

It’s been six years since I started manifesting, and I’m pleased to say that we’ve now been together for five years. We’re going to our first Odesza concert in three weeks. We graduated from university the same year, became content creators, and we now travel all over the world. You can find us on TikTok: Pasha Grozdov and Vince Lam. — Pasha, 26, New York, New York

Interviews have been edited and condensed for clarity.