After that, Stiles notes committing to a lip is worth the effort. This could be a red lip, or it could be a shade that matches your natural lip color but makes your pout look more cohesive (undertone tips here if you’re not sure where to begin).

For daily use, find a product that also keeps your pout hydrated. If your lips are dried or flaky, any color on top will automatically look dull. You can also layer a hydrating lip balm underneath—I suggest snagging mindbodygreen’s lip balm if your stock runs low. 

As for incorporating a light foundation or skin tint, that choice is ultimately up to you. But sometimes keeping your lips and brows refined and letting your skin breathe is all you really need.

Try prioritizing those two features and see how you feel from there. You might be surprised by how these two quick and easy focus areas can give you just enough oomph for a daily look. Plus, your skin will thank you for letting it shine uncovered (save for SPF, of course).