Makeup can be your best friend or your worst enemy — and the difference is often in the details. Using just a little too much of one product or relying on a matte lipstick formula instead of a semi-gloss can take your look from sublime to less than stellar. The passing years also come with slightly different makeup needs and holding onto the same makeup tricks we loved in our teens and twenties can be a recipe for makeup mistakes. The good news is there are a number of ways you can correct some of the most common makeup mistakes women make over 50. Makeup Artist Anika Kai and Anastasia Tomchenko, co-founder & CPO of Glambook, let us in on six makeup mistakes to avoid if you want to look longer. 

Mistake #1: Not Starting With Great Skincare 

There is no great makeup look without a great skincare routine. And key in that routine is products that will add hydration to your skin and can plump up parched, mature skin. 

“A makeup application is only as good as good as the skin underneath,” Kai says. “Be sure to use a rich serum, moisturizer and eye cream to prep the skin before applying any other products. Give the skincare at least 5 minutes to absorb and follow with makeup formulated to hydrate and nourish the skin.”

Incorporating a hyaluronic acid acid after cleansing and prior to moisturizer and SPF is a great first start. 

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Mistake #2: Using Heavy Foundations 

It’s important to change up your foundation formula to suit your changing skin. You may have been using a heavier formula in years past and think that full coverage is better for concealing fine lines and dark spots, but these concentrations can often be too much for mature skin. 

“Lightweight, hydrating and highly pigmented products are great for mature skin,” Kai says. “Thinner textures won’t settle into wrinkles and hydrating formulas keep the skin looking dewy and youthful. Westman Atelier, Chanel and Danessa Myricks have foundations that are perfect for mature skin.”



Mistake #3: Not Using The Right Application Tools 

The application tools you use for foundation, concealer, powder, and even eye makeup shouldn’t necessarily be one and the same. 

“A damp beauty sponge is the best way to apply makeup over 50,” Kai says. “It will ensure the product applies evenly and doesn’t settle into wrinkles. Fingers are also amazing because the warmth from your body melts products right into the skin. Brushes are great for the eyes to ensure precise placement.”



Mistake #4: Shying Away From Powders Completely 

You may have heard that powders and mature skin don’t go together. And, in many cases, this is true — a heavy powder application can seep into pores, fine lines, and wrinkles and make skin look worse. But a little powder, applied well, can have the opposite effect: it can seal your makeup for hours. 

“A combination of powder and setting spray help set makeup for a long lasting look,” Kai says. “People with mature skin often shy away from powders but they are actually perfect for blurring fine lines and adding a bit of coverage. Instead of full coverage foundation powders, try formulas that are sheer and slightly reflective. Charlotte Tilburry’s pressed powder is perfect for setting and smoothing the skin.”



Mistake #5: Choosing Matte Lipsticks 

Keep wearing lipstick — in any color you desire — but change up your lipstick formula from matte to gloss or semi-gloss to make all the difference. 

“Matte lipsticks, especially in darker shades, can accentuate fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, making lips appear smaller,” Tomchenko says. “If you’re over 40, you may want to avoid matte lipsticks altogether, as they tend to make lips look drier and emphasize creases.”



Mistake #6: Applying Black Liner To The Bottom Of Eyes 

A little winged eyeliner in black or brown can open up tired eyes. But keeping your color concentrated on the top lid and away from your bottom waterline or beneath the lower lash is a trick that helps brighten your eyes and lift your face. “Using a black pencil on the lower waterline can create the illusion of smaller eyes, emphasizing under-eye bags and wrinkles,” confirms Tomchenko. 

Avoiding these common makeup mistakes can instantly make you look — and feel — younger and more refreshed.