4:30 p.m.
Doubt your perceptions at a mind-bending museum

With so many free museums in Washington, the notion of paying for one might not immediately appeal. But the Museum of Illusions Washington (adult admission, $23.95; children, $18.95), which opened last year, is a fun, interactive option for all ages amid the history and science-focused institutions. Though the concept exists in more than 40 locations, including Paris, New York and Madrid, this iteration’s 50 mind-bending optical illusions, games and brain teasers feature Washington-specific displays, including a mural of George Washington, whose eyes follow you wherever you walk, and the Instagram-friendly Reversed Room where you appear to stroll on the ceiling of a Washington metro car. In the Tilted Room, you can lean almost as far as Michael Jackson in the “Smooth Criminal” video, and in the Vortex Tunnel, swirling lights trick you into thinking the floor is moving.