“One trick I use often on my clients with more mature skin is mixing 20% concealer with 80% of a skin tint,” says Restrepo. “My clients love this cocktail, as it still showcases their natural skin but gives them a bit more coverage where needed.” 

Skin tints themselves read quite sheer (even more so than a tinted moisturizer); some can even pass for a basic moisturizer with just a kiss of skin-enhancing pigment. These lightweight confections are A+ for drier, more mature skin, which can easily look cakey with a thicker base. 

“Foundations tend to sink into fine lines and creases, whereas a skin tint will help blur imperfections for a more even tone, while not being so heavy as to exacerbate fine lines and wrinkles,” Restrepo says. She prefers Hi Beautiful You’s Skin-Perfecting Tint, “a silky-smooth sheer color gel that has enough pigment to cancel out redness from the sun or heat.” 

Still, you might seek more coverage, which is why Restrepo adds a creamy concealer to the mix. Select your favorite liquid formula (our favorites, here) and use the back of your hand as a palette to combine the two products. Apply directly on areas you’d like a touch more coverage, then blend outwards with a brush or sponge to effortlessly diffuse the product.