Who is Kendra in The Other Black Girl? We discuss a key character in the Hulu series, which will contain minor spoilers.

Zakiya Dalila Harris sparked a bidding war with her 2021 novel The Other Black Girl. After 14 publishers fought over the rights to Harris’s book, she received over a million dollars in the deal. Shortly after its release, Harris made a deal with Hulu to produce a ten-episode series for the streaming platform.

The Other Black Girl is based on Zakiya Dalila Harris’s real-life experience in her own time with a publishing company. The series follows Nella Rogers, the lone Black woman working for Wagner Books.

As she struggles to adapt in the workplace, the company hires Hazel-May McCall, another Black woman, which excites Nella. Things quickly turn south when Nella realizes that Hazel gives her bad advice, leading to getting in trouble with the boss.

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The ten-episode series does a great job of keeping you on the edge of your seat with an incredible script. It has a perfect blend of comedy and mystery, along with a story that has plenty of heart and personal feelings to it.

The performance from Sinclair Daniel in the lead role of Nella is one of the better ones you will see in 2023. It’s such an incredibly easy binge and something I hope we see more of in the future.

Who is Kendra in The Other Black Girl, and why is she important?

Kendra was Wagner Books’ first Black editor. She helped edit and publish her childhood friend Diana’s novel titled Burning Heart. With the book’s success, Kendra and Diana started doing press for the book. However, the duo appears on a talk show where Kendra spoke up about the racism that haunts black women in the world of publishing. As a result, Kendra disappeared and was never heard from again.

Later in the season, Diana and her crew take Nella, leading to them trying to get her to join their cult.

When she doesn’t agree to join them, Diana tells Hazel that she wants her to feed her the mysterious stuff. As she’s about to, we see an older Kendra Rae appear and rescue Nella from them.

Who plays Kendra in The Other Black Girl?

Cassi Maddox plays Kendra in the Hulu series The Other Black Girl.

Maddox was born in Atlanta, Georgia. At Georgia State University, Maddox received a bachelor’s degree in Theatre Performance. Shortly after graduating, she landed the leading role of Carnival Medea, leading to her recognition at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. She has since starred in various projects across film and television.

What TV Shows and Movies is Cassi Maddox known for?

Cassi Maddox broke onto the acting scene with her role as Nyaomi in the series Dirty Diana. She was found in small roles in the TV series Homicide Hunter, Murder Chose Me, and Swamp Murders.

Before landing the role in The Other Black Girl, you might recognize Maddox from her role in the 2019 TV series Fatal Attraction or the TV movie that came out in 2023, Ruined, where she played the lead role of Charlotte.

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