We consulted with expert makeup artists on the optimal type of concealer for mature skin: liquid, powder, or cream. Our experts advised against using dry concealers, such as powders, as they can exacerbate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Instead, they recommend using liquid or hydrating concealers for a more youthful, radiant complexion.

Additionally, they provided helpful advice on how to properly apply concealer on mature skin, along with other tips and tricks to help you feel confident and beautiful at any age! Read on for suggestions and insight from professional makeup artists and aficionados Jen Cayle Gaum and Vivi Mintara.

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Why Liquid Concealer Is The Best For Mature Skin — And The Best Ways To Use It

Liquid, hydrating concealer products are much better to use for mature beauties than drying or more matte ones, Gaum explains. While the former can help seamlessly cover dark-spots, acne or other areas, the latter can inadvertently draw attention to wrinkles, which might not be your goal.


Dry or matte concealing items like powder “will settle into fine lines, making them more noticeable and exaggerated and will only emphasize wrinkles,” she says.

Gaum highlights the effectiveness of powder as a coverage option for those with oily skin. However, it is important to note that as we age, our skin tends to become drier. As a result, individuals with dry skin may not experience the same benefits from using powder as a coverage option.


With that said, Mintara stresses always using less liquid concealer than you think to perfect your look. “When it comes to applying the concealer, start with a thin layer,” she says. If this doesn’t fully “cover dark spots [or other imperfections], then apply another layer, and keep building the color up,” she adds.

However, before even applying any concealer at all, Mintara says the most important step is to “prime your skin” first and foremost. “Not only will this fill in any fine lines and wrinkles,” she adds, “but it also encourages concealing products to stick to your skin in an even and long-lasting manner.” With primer, Mintara says concealer can last on mature skin for “at least eight hours without the need for a touch-up.”


She recommends avoiding “putting a very thick layer of concealer on your face, because you may not need as much as you think, and also this will cause the makeup to crack after a few hours.” When you are applying concealer to your skin, she says to always “use a mini beauty blender to blend out the product.”


While brushes are “great for applying makeup,” Mintara points out that they can “leave tiny streaks if they aren’t used properly.” Small beauty blenders can reach difficult imperfections, and “they will provide full coverage for your skin.”

She also suggests “adding the smallest bit of concealer to the blender, plopping this on the dark area, and then blending the concealer outwards in a circle around the dark area” for the best coverage. Noted!