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Are you familiar with the “MRS degree?” A viral TikTok showed several white women showing off their engagement rings at graduation, a trend known as “ring by spring.” While it seems as though white women are told to go to college to find a husband, Black women are often advised to focus on their studies and that relationships will follow.

Back in 2010, NBC News reported that Demetria Lucas, former relationship editor for Essence, found that 70% of professional Black women were unmarried. According to the 2021 U.S. census, nearly 54% of the white population is married compared to 31.2% of the Black population.

Dr. Anjerrika Bean, assistant director of the Center for Women, Gender, and Global Leadership at Howard University, stopped by theGrio and spoke to Eboni K. Williams about her thoughts on the controversial topic.

While the onus to enter into relationships seems to fall on Black women, Dr. Bean said that specifically at Howard University, where the population is 70% women and 30% men, not everyone can find a match.

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Williams further noted in her sidebar that the likelihood of Black women getting married dwindles as they get older and, sometimes, when they’ve obtained more accolades and degrees. It is also important to note that marriage prevalence for Black adults varies by state.

Do you agree or disagree? Should the “MRS degree” be something that is encouraged during one’s time at college?

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