Questlove is set to help lead The Roots with LL Cool J at their tour stop in Raleigh this weekend.

I had the pleasure of interviewing the iconic Questlove ahead of The F.O.R.C.E. Live Tour stop coming to PNC Arena in Raleigh this Sunday, September 10th.

He lays out the foundation and concept for this epic concert with LL COOL J, The Roots, Rakim, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Juvenile, and De La Soul. (YOU CAN STILL GET TICKETS HERE!) I can not wait to see this show, I was able to live stream a Roots concert recently; it was magical through the screen. To see this live is going to be an entire vibe raiser for anyone who gets to experience it.

Questlove is a vibe raiser by himself, and I was able to get him to expound on his daily routines and practices.

We dove into everything from meditation and spirituality, to our personal battles with anxiety, and him curating playlists for President Obama. A definite must-watch, and hopefully, you’ll find yourself smiling through the entire interview as I did!

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