Wallspace is excited to present the solo show “in.ter.stice” by artist Stephanie Visser. There will be an opening reception at 7701 Santa Monica Boulevard, on September 14, 2023, 5:30pm – 9pm and on view through September 24, 2023.

The exhibition “in.ter.stice” invites viewers to contemplate the subtle connections and hidden spaces between our state of being and the natural world. The word “interstice” refers to an intervening space or gap between things, often unnoticed or overlooked within a larger context.

With this show, Stephanie aims to highlight the moments and spaces that may be easily missed or disregarded, focusing on the in-between, the transient, and the delicate interplay between existence and nature.

Through her paintings, Stephanie creates a visual representation of these interstices, capturing the nuanced relationship between abstract concepts and the natural world. “Interstice” encourages viewers to appreciate the profound beauty that resides within the gaps and connections that exist in our lives.

A native of southwestern Michigan, Stephanie Visser relocated to sunny southern California in 2003. Educated at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids Michigan, she graduated there with her BFA in Fine Arts. She continued her education in fine arts and painting at Western Michigan University and Pasadena College of Art and Design.

Stephanie Visser uses color, light and emotion to articulate abstract compositions on canvas. Her mature working methodology is inspired by instruction received at the graduate level layered upon a classical arts education. The ideas for the canvases are distilled from techniques that she learned from Mary Winterfield, whom she counts as one of the primary influences to her current painting style. Winterfield, an instructor at the Pasadena College of Art and Design, studied at the the Arts Student League of New York and the Cape School under Henry Hensche. Winterfield taught Visser the spatial push pull theories of Hans Hoffman as well the use of color keys to depict the color of light itself. Visser employs what she terms abstract simplification to create strong soaring work.

Wallspace is a dynamic art gallery based in West Hollywood, California exhibiting LA based abstract, contemporary, & street artists. Founder and Director Valda Lake shares, “ We are very excited about finding new visions and contributing to the launch of careers whilst also representing more established artists. We regularly present programming centered around women creators, gay, queer , BIPOC and emerging talent within art shows, art fairs and public art projects”. Wallspace roster is comprised of 50% women artists and 50% gay, queer artists.” Most notably, Wallspace Public Art works includes installations for the City of West Hollywood on Route 66 with two neon artworks by artist Scott Froschauer, UROK and One Love.

Wallspace can be contacted direct by phone or text at 323 930 0471, via email at [email protected], or visit at wallspacela.com.

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