Despite spending 41 years in front of TV cameras on Wheel of Fortune, Vanna White still wants people to see the real her.

“I think wrinkles are beautiful,” 66-year-old White — who’s continuing to tap letters on the puzzle board in the show’s latest season — tells PEOPLE exclusively over Zoom. “Someone who is completely with no lines, they don’t have any character. Be natural, be yourself and have personality.” 

An hour before she tapes her next game show segment, White opens up about her skincare routine, her approach to glam on-air versus in real life and her first-ever limited-edition makeup collaboration – Laura Geller Beauty x Wheel of Fortune (available on – that has a playful, exuberant vibe inspired by her longtime gig.

Laura Geller Beauty

“I don’t look like this without all this makeup,” White chuckles, flashing her pearly white teeth. “But you know what? I am older and I accept my lines and wrinkles. Will I ever have plastic surgery? Maybe. But I’m kind of scared to do that. I’m not trying to look 30 years old again because I’m not.”

Over the past year, makeup artist Laura Geller and her team meticulously produced six Wheel of Fortune-inspired products that aim to destigmatize aging. At first glance, they wanted the game show co-host to fall in love with the product line, which features whimsical Wheel-themed packaging in striking color combinations. “They brought it to me and asked, ‘What do you think of this?’ And I absolutely loved it!” White says emphatically. 

“It’s just so cute and it works so well,” she adds. “The eyeliner you can use day or night — the color works for everyone. I’m still learning, of course, because this is a new venture. Hopefully, this is the start of something big.”

The limited-edition line features Spackle Skin Perfecting Primer ($36), Face the Wheel Blush Palette ($49), Prizewinning Eyes Shadow Palette ($45), Modern Classic Cream Lipstick in Big Money Red ($21), Kajal Longwear Liner in Glitz and Glam ($22) and a Dual-Ended Blush and Bronzer Precision Brush ($21).

Laura Geller Beauty

“I feel like we all need a red lipstick in our life. To me, it’s the perfect one,” gushes White, who continues, “I think it works with a lot of skin tones. I think it’s perfect for everyone.”

Geller, 65, whose makeup brand is known for celebrating and making products for mature skin, says they tweaked the hue to White’s specifications, working closely with her to get the scarlet red just right. “She loved the formula and the brightness,” Geller says.

“Me and my team are massive fans of Wheel of Fortune and everybody loves Vanna. I mean, my God, everyone is just obsessed with her,” Geller adds. “To this day, I still watch Wheel of Fortune. We knew that this would be the perfect alignment for us and for Vanna. Truly, she just represents natural beauty. She represents us and embodies our mission perfectly — that women don’t disappear after 40. They just don’t.”

White believes as you age, it’s hugely important to care for your skin before applying makeup. “When you’re young, it’s like, ‘Oh, I have my whole life,’ and you don’t think about it. As I’m getting older, I want to take care of my skin. I want to look the best I can.”

To keep her skin looking its best, she washes it daily and then applies moisturizer with sunscreen on her face and hands. Next, she uses a light foundation, eyeliner, and lipstick — and finishes by curling her lashes.

Laura Geller Beauty

Early the morning of this chat, White started her makeup application with the primer from the new collection. Having been at the forefront of the primer category for two decades, Geller’s company created a unique, non-greasy formula that contains hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate, as well as white tea and centella asiatica — a medicinal herb with antioxidant properties— to help brighten the skin.

“If you are dehydrated, dry or have combination skin, [this primer] creates this second layer, so whatever formulation foundation you choose on top of it, it works in concert with it beautifully,” says Geller. “I’m a big believer as a makeup artist that prepping your canvas and making sure your makeup looks good on top of your canvas is critical. Our primer does that with this original formula.”

At home, Vanna doesn’t wear much makeup. By contrast, on Wheel of Fortune, she gets to experiment. She takes both approaches at face value.

“I have worn heavy makeup [on air] for so many years. When I’m not working, it’s kind of nice to not have to wear full makeup,” she says. “I just feel more natural when I’m not working and wearing heavy makeup. I’m not complaining about it, by the way. I like to be glam. Heavy makeup is good, so is light makeup.”

Laura Geller Beauty

Geller holds her showbiz idol’s glamorous poise and philosophy on aging in reverence. “She’s always somebody that I’ve looked up to. She’s aging gracefully and beautifully. She is so strong and such a loving mother. To me that is pure grace and strength. That’s how I would depict her, pure grace. It’s the best word. She’s just a real lady with a lot of strength.”

That grace and strength is palpable — even virtually — as White reflects on feeling comfortable in her skin. “I think everybody has their own deal, you do whatever you do with aging. I’m just thinking of taking care of myself better.”