V8 star Renee Gracie slams the ‘gentleman’s world’ of racing after OnlyFans model admitted the door to Bathust 1000 was closed because of the ‘negative environment towards women’

  •  Gracie takes swipe at Bathurst 1000
  •  Says ‘doors are closed’ on returning
  •  Gracie quit the sport to be an adult star

Adult star Renee Gracie has slammed the male-dominated ‘gentleman’s world’ of motorsports, insisting she won’t be welcomed back at the Bathurst 1000 anymore.

Gracie, 28, stepped away from her Supercars dream in 2017 due to a lack of funds and turned her attention to pursuing a career as an adult actress and publishes content to her subscribers on OnlyFans.

She now takes home a huge six-figure salary via the platform and has recently relaunched her racing career with the GT World Challenge Australia championship.

The former V8 Supercars driver was hoping to also make a return to the Bathurst 1000, a race she has competed in twice before, in October – but now believes the ‘doors are closed’.

‘I have lots of dreams. I am very good at having my head up in the clouds sometimes and always dreaming of what I could do and what I could be,’ Gracie told News Corp.

Adult star Gracie believes the doors are closed for her to return to the Bathurst 1000

Gracie gave up motorsport in 2017 due to a lack of funding and became an adult actress

‘I do think things like the (Bathurst) 1000, unfortunately, those doors are closed. I don’t think the reception has been great from Supercars unfortunately.

‘It is disappointing. It’s 2023, everyone move on and get over yourselves.

‘But that’s motorsport, it hasn’t changed much from when I left and that’s the sad reality of it.

‘When I left six years ago, it was a male dominated, negative environment towards women and it’s still that way, unfortunately.

‘I think it is just a very gentleman’s world, it is run very old school, there are people in there, unfortunately, who won’t change their way and have certain views and things.

‘I knew that I could get back into motorsport, but to the level I wanted to and what categories would have me was questionable. Not many people were putting their hands up saying ‘We’ll run you with OnlyFans on the car’.’

Gracie once claimed that in 2020 she made more than $500,000 in one month through OnlyFans and she even entertained the notion of creating her own team for Bathurst 1000.

She said last year that she’d made ‘almost $10million’ in total since starting her adult career at the end of 2019, and has purchased three houses.

Gracie says motorsport is male-dominated and has a 'negative environment towards women'

Gracie claimed she once earned $500,000 in a month on the subscription platform

Aussie is driving in an OnlyFans sponsored car in the GT World Challenge Australia Series

Gracie doubted she’d ever come back to racing, but admits she has enjoyed rekindling her interest in the sport. 

‘Initially when I left motorsport I did not think that I would want to get back into it, even though I loved it, I did not think that I would enjoy going back,’ Gracie said.

‘But obviously with everything that happened, my career taking off with OnlyFans and falling into a position where I was financially able to, I was in a much stronger position mentally.

‘Getting the racing brain working again has been a challenge, but I’ve loved it. It’s what I’ve longed for the past six years, it’s what I have so desperately wanted to reignite again.’