Lots of things contribute to who we are as people, and our culture is definitely one of them. Our upbringing, whether it’s filled with self-love and confidence or not, has a big impact on who we turn out to be. For many African Americans, hair has always been a major part of their identity.

Hair within the African-American community is always a prominent topic. All Things Hair conducted a survey targeting women in the United States aged 16 and older from various ethnic backgrounds to examine disparities in hair care. The findings showed that African American women spend four times more on hair care compared to Caucasian women. Specifically, 21% of African-American women allocate more than 25% of their monthly budget to hair care, whereas only 5% of Caucasian women do the same. This highlights the substantial importance of hair care in Black culture.

Other influencing factors

Another factor influencing these statistics is the occasional politicization of natural hair textures. Terms like “untidy,” “unprofessional,” and “distracting” are often employed in discussions about natural Black hair, providing additional context for these figures.

While The CROWN Act has been adopted in 20 U.S. states, which prohibits discrimination based on hair texture and hairstyles, many African Americans still experience microaggressions and discrimination. Based on the Dove CROWN study, it was discovered that 86% of Black teenagers who face discrimination have encountered it related to their hair by the age of 12. Additionally, the study revealed that although 90% of Black girls hold the belief that their hair is beautiful, the microaggressions and discrimination they encounter do influence their self-perception.

Embracing your natural hair

Wearing your natural hair can pose challenges for some people. Embracing and accepting your curls is a journey that demands ongoing commitment and a sincere effort to become acquainted with and appreciate your hair.

If you’re looking for some inspiration to help you embrace your natural hair, check out these five celebrity quotes and affirmations.

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