The team can be sort of exhausting, really. I mean yay overtime win against Indiana, but why did we let it get to that point in the first place?

My favorite part of football games has always been the band, but I think this item has edged them out. Sorry Marching Illini. It’s a simple dish: well-seasoned waffle fries, topped with chopped chicken tenders and gooey white cheddar cheese sauce, served with a side of their comeback sauce. So simple, yet so delicious. All of their football food options are $15, and this one is hearty, great for sharing, and fairly easy to manage while sitting in the stands. Paired with a boozy slushie — I’m partial to the Curtis Orchard Cider Slush with bourbon — it’s perfection.

There is one more opportunity to order this item (oh, and watch a football game) this season. Tickets in the Horseshoe for the November 25th game against Northwestern are pretty cheap. Meanwhile, I’m crossing my fingers and toes that this item will make it’s way onto the restaurant or food truck menu in the off-season.

Find the Watson’s Shack & Rail food stand on the west side of the stadium, near gate 14.