As you get older, you might consider chopping off some of your hair. (It’s certainly not required, though, which Ree Drummond will tell you: “Maybe I’m simply used to being a girl with long hair, or maybe I’m clinging to my youth!” she jokes about her signature

red locks.) If you’re not ready to try a short haircut, that’s okay—the best medium-length hairstyles for older women will give you the perfect in-between with a good amount of length that’s still super easy to manage.

So, which medium-length haircut in our collection is right for you? When you head to the hairstylist, it’s important to be realistic about how much time you’re really willing to put into your hair, as Ree knows first-hand: “I once got the Jennifer Aniston Friends cut‚ short and stacked in the back—and I couldn’t style it for the life of me,” she says. Low-maintenance styles like a lob (long bob) are perfect if you want an effortless look that has room to grow out, while dramatic haircuts featuring bangs will likely require a trim every two to three weeks.

Read on for the best medium-length hairstyles for older women that will look great on any color. Once you’ve found your perfect new cut, protect it with the best heat protectants and make sure you know how to properly blow-dry hair, and how often you should wash your hair. For more inspiration, check out these ombré hairstyles and tips for transitioning to gray.