• Gerry Turner, star of The Golden Bachelor, is a widower looking for love after years of focusing on his family.
  • The show gives Bachelor Nation a glimpse into more mature relationships, as Gerry, who turned 72 during filming, meets 22 mature women.
  • The article features several of the women competing to win Gerry’s heart, including retirees, professionals, and women with interesting hobbies and backgrounds.

The Golden Bachelor premiere is right around the corner, and the ladies hoping to catch Gerry Turner’s eye have finally been announced. A spinoff of The Bachelor, The Golden Bachelor season 1 will follow Gerry’s story as he searches for another chance at love after becoming a widower. As Gerry worries about his daughters and granddaughters after the death of his wife, he now takes the time to find a partner he can spend the rest of his life with. Hoping to find a partner, Gerry has his work cut out for him as he dates a group of 22 wonderful women.

While The Golden Bachelor has been in the works for years, ABC is letting Bachelor Nation look into more mature relationships. Gerry, who turned 72 while filming The Golden Bachelor, will get to meet 22 mature women he could build his future with during his season. For Gerry, his search for love is a more recent endeavor. After losing his wife and focusing on his family for several years, Gerry can finally focus on himself and his second chance at love. Let’s meet the ladies of The Golden Bachelor!


According to EW, Anna is one of the women vying for Gerry’s heart on Season 1 of The Golden Bachelor. At 61, Anna is from Summit, New Jersey and is a retired nutritionist. Anna might be a little crazy for someone like Gerry, who’s been out of the dating pool for quite a while, or she might be just what he’s looking for.


April is from Port St. Lucie, Florida. She is a therapist who hopes to one day also become an author. While April will be able to psychologically examine the other women in the house, it will be interesting to see if her tricks work on Gerry as well.


Hailing from Sierra Madre, Calif., Christina is excited about The Golden Bachelor. At 73, Christina is a retired purchasing manager living her golden years in search of love. A fun fact about Christina is that her first concert was with the Beatles, in 1964.


Retired real estate agent Edith hopes to get a real look at the Bachelor Mansion. At only 60 years old, it seems that Edith is already planning her future. She is currently building an ADU in the backyard of her Downey, California residence, just in case there is an apocalypse.


A retired teacher, Ellen is full of compassion. At 71, she is happy to be dancing the third act of her life. Living in Delray Beach, Florida, Ellen seems like the kind of laid-back person Gerry might be looking for.


At 60, Faith is someone Gerry might find interesting. She is a high school teacher in her hometown of Benton City, Washington. Not only does she love teaching her students, but Faith loves the outdoors and spending time with her horse, Liberty.


Originally from Tennessee, Jeanie hopes to shed some light on Gerry’s life in The Golden Bachelor. She’s a retired project manager living in her hometown of Estill Springs, Tennessee, and hopes to wow Gerry with her fashion choices. At 65, Jeanie’s favorite color is “neon,” so her outfits will probably be worth a look.


Joan, 60, from Rockland, Maryland, hopes to have a good time with Gerry. Joan works as a private school administrator and when she’s not spending time helping the school, she’s having fun. Joan loves to enjoy a few glasses of wine and hopes that Gerry can join her in The Golden Bachelor.


Kathy, 70, from Austin, Texas, hopes she can bring Gerry to her favorite time of year. As a retired educational consultant, Kathy only has free time. She takes advantage of this time to celebrate her favorite holiday, Christmas, all year round.


As a fitness instructor, Leslie really knows how to smooth things over. A native of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Leslie is 64 and hopes to put Gerry to the test in The Golden Bachelor. A former aerobics champion, Leslie won’t hesitate to play sports.


At 60, Maria hopes to make some firsts in The Golden Bachelor. She works as a health and wellness director in her hometown of Teaneck, New Jersey, and hopes to try brand new things with Gerry. The first thing on his list? A game of paintball with Gerry himself.


Highly educated 60-year-old Marina plans to teach Gerry The Golden Bachelor. Originally from Los Angeles, California, Marina is an educator herself. With three separate master’s degrees, Marina hopes Gerry will be someone who can keep up with her.


Nancy, 60, from Alexandria, Va., hopes Gerry will be someone she feels comfortable with. In her everyday life, Nancy is a retired interior designer looking for her next project. A longtime fan of Bruce Springsteen, Nancy hopes to share some of her interests with Gerry on The Golden Bachelor.


At 60, Natascha feels like her life is just beginning in The Golden Bachelor. Pro-aging coach and midlife speaker from New York, New York, Natascha believes age is just a number. She hopes that during her time with Gerry, nothing – including age – will hold them back.


Originally from Aurora, Illinois, Pamela is a 75-year-old woman looking for someone to spend her time with. A retired salon owner, Pamela spends her time mostly with Judge Judy now that she isn’t working. She hopes Gerry can claim that spot after their time together on The Golden Bachelor.


Mother of The Bachelor season 25 star Matt James, Patty is no stranger to The Bachelor. At 70, Patty hopes Gerry can bring something new to her life in Durham, North Carolina. As a retired real estate professional, Patty knows how to sell and hopes she can turn herself into The Golden Bachelor.


At 67, Peggy hopes to share her exciting hobbies with Gerry. A dental hygienist who lives in East Haven, Connecticut, Peggy has made a living for herself. She hopes to take Gerry with her on her favorite type of adventure: a go-kart trip.


Even though she’s 67, Renée has stars in her eyes when it comes to The Golden Bachelor. Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Renee is a former Chicago Honey Bears cheerleader who hopes Gerry likes her. If things with Gerry don’t work out, Renee keeps an eye on Harry Styles.


A retired executive assistant, Sandra is looking for something new in her life. The 75-year-old is from Doraville, Georgia, and hopes to wow Gerry during her time on The Golden Bachelor. What is Sandra most proud of? His excellent credit rating, of course.


Originally from Aston, Pennsylvania, Susan has big dreams for The Golden Bachelor. As a wedding celebrant, Susan, 66, sees couples in love crossing her path every day. If she can’t get Gerry’s attention, Susan hopes one day she can have lunch with Kardashians star Kris Jenner.


Sylvia, also from Los Angeles, Calif., hopes to dress up during her time on The Golden Bachelor. Public affairs consultant, Sylvia, 64, knows how to introduce herself. His hope in The Golden Bachelor is to have the opportunity to put on a costume.

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Hailing from Shrewsbury, New Jersey, Theresa hopes to wow Gerry during her time on The Golden Bachelor. The 69-year-old financial services professional isn’t just looking to diversify her financial portfolio. As a bonus for Gerry, Theresa knows all about the stock market, so she can take care of his finances if he chooses her in the end.

Source: EW