It’s that time of year! Football season is here, yay! You’ve heard by now that my son is coaching a high school team. I’ve got a LOT of game-day outfits to come up with because I can’t be sitting in the stands looking frumpy! Of course, the school colors are blue and white, but if I’m going to use this platform for football looks, I have to go with the Tennessee Vols! Don’t worry. Today I’m sharing the best game day looks for fall, but I’ll include some other colors too.

The Best Game Day Looks For Fall – Orange

While I love the Volunteers, they aren’t the only football team to wear orange. Syracuse and Clemson do, as well as Florida, Oklahoma, and others. And there are plenty of NFL teams who wear the color, such as Miami, Cincinnati, and Chicago, to name a few.

Where I live, you are either a VOLS fan or a HOKIES fan. There might be a few who root for UVA or other teams, but most people here wear orange in one way or another. Tennessee VOLS are orange and white, Virginia Tech Hokies are maroon and orange, and UVA is navy and orange. You can’t go wrong by choosing a solid orange top, like some of the ones below.

I love this sweater! This would be perfect to wear with white pants or jeans or whatever contrasting team color, like navy, that works. If orange isn’t your thing, don’t worry. You know I have your back! This comes in several other colors like black, green, and Alabama red.

It’s usually pretty cool around here by the time college football really gets going, but not always. I don’t love the idea of wearing shorts on bleachers, but I also don’t want to get hot. This skort is a great option. Yes, it comes in several other colors! I think this would look great with a white shirt.

Speaking of white shirts, this one is great for game day. I could tie it at the waist and wear it with the skirt above, or pair it with jeans and put a cute orange tank underneath. It doesn’t have to be expensive to look cute at a neighborhood watch party.

The Best Game Day Looks For Fall

Here’s another EASY way to look cute as you cheer on your favorite team. Throw this cardigan over a white tank top, put on your cutest jeans and a branded cap, and you will ROCK this look. It comes in navy, black, red, and a bunch of other colors and is just $23 dollars.

This lightweight shirt in orange is a great option for fall, with or without a football game. Like the white shirt above, you can tie it and wear it as is, or you can leave it open and put a contrasting tank underneath. This shirt is from Walmart and comes in pale blue, black, white, and others, and is very affordable at just $17 dollars.

Earrings are a simple and inexpensive way to support your team. These resin earrings are light and come in just about every color you can think of. This would be great, especially if you’re a “jump on the bandwagon” type of fan who wants to cheer but doesn’t want to get super invested, lol.

The Best Game Day Looks For Fall – Red

When I decided to do a post on game day looks, I did some research. Did you know the most common color combination for teams is red and white? Interesting!

Here’s a cute blouse to wear that would look great alone or under a jacket. The flirty sleeves are a nice detail! My Georgia Bulldogs peeps could pair this with a black sweater or jacket and rock the stadium. It’s only $24 dollars, and like so many, comes in lots of great colors.

It’s all about the sleeves for me! I love the silhouette of this sweater. It is casual enough to wear to a football game but could be dressed up with a nice pair of pants and statement jewelry. No one would believe it’s only $35 dollars. Again, if you don’t like red, it comes in many other colors.

Can you wear a dress to a football game? Yes! There are big games between rivalries, homecoming, etc., where it’s perfectly appropriate to wear a dress. What the heck? If you want to wear one on any given game day, I say go for it! Think how pretty this would look in the stands! At only $35 dollars I think you’ll get plenty of wear out of it.

Hello, Chico’s! If you’re looking for a shirt that you can wear for a long time, even when football season is over, this no-iron, stretch shirt is perfect! I love the red, but it also comes in navy, teal, and yellow. And while Chico’s is a little pricier than some of the others, the quality will be top-notch.

More fun earrings! Game-day looks are meant to be loud. You’re cheering for your favorite team so this is not the time to be shy and quiet. Have fun with your style by putting on a great pair of earrings that says, “LET’S GO!” At only $8 dollars, you can afford to have fun.

The Best Game Day Looks For Fall – Graphic Tee

Even if you don’t have a team to cheer, you can get in on the fun with one of these graphic tees. I love this because it’s great for every game event. You don’t have to choose sides, lol. The leopard print football is chic and stylish and under $30 dollars!

I love this gameday sweatshirt! It is cute and cozy and would be perfect on those fall nights sitting outside watching my son’s team play. It comes in a lot of colors and is just $27 dollars. Pick the color of your team, or just wear it in a neutral color and cheer for whoever is winning!

The Best Game Day Looks For Fall – Clear Stadium Bags

If you’ve been to a concert or large sporting event lately, you’ve probably already seen that you need to carry a clear bag. Yes, you can see everything that is inside the bag, and that is kind of the point. Here are a few that got good ratings.

What do you wear on game day? Comment with your favorite football team!

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