Finding the Best Eyeliners for Older Women

As our skin changes, it is important to update our makeup routine as well. Every few years, take a look at the products you use and your makeup style to see if there is a new option available that may now suit you better.

Just because you have a few more fine lines doesn’t mean you need to ditch the eyeliner — you may just have to switch up your application method and find a new pencil to work with.

We have put together everything you need to know when shopping for an eyeliner for mature skin.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Eyeliners for Older Women

Skin Type:

Those with dry skin should opt for an eyeliner infused with moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter or aloe vera extract. If you have oily eyelids, a sebum-resistant eyeliner with help to keep your eye makeup in place for longer.


Brown is a great option for those with mature eyes, as it offers the same definition of black without the harness. If you are looking to brighten and lift your eyes, go for a cream or water pencil along the waterline.

Type of Liner:

Liquid liner offers a clean look along the lash line which accentuates your eye shape as well as your eyelashes. Kohls are great for a more blended or smudged look, while pencils are the best choice for the waterline.


Think about when you want to use your eyeliner and where you will wear it. If you are shopping for an everyday option, a dual-ended liner will help to streamline your makeup routine. If you are looking for an eyeliner for a specific event, it may be worth choosing a colored option to elevate your aesthetic.


Victoria Beckham, Charlotte Tilbury and Pat McGrath all have luxurious eyeliners that work amazingly on mature skin. For those with sensitive skin, Physicians Formula is always a safe choice — while NYX and e.l.f are our favorite drugstore options.

What are the Different Types of Eyeliners for Older Women?


A makeup bag staple, everyone needs at least one eye pencil in their collection. Ideal for use along the waterline, switching from black to a brown pencil as you age will give you the same effect but with a more flattering result.


Kohl pencils are amazing for smudging and blending. Instead of using multiple shimmer shadows, kohl pencils can give you the same soft smokey effect with just one product.


Colored eye pencils are the perfect choice to enhance your own eye color. Those with blue eyes should go for copper and bronze tones. Meanwhile, metallic blues and teals work best with brown eyes, while berry and maroon tones accentuate green eyes.