It’s amazing how just applying concealer can make any and all of the skin flaws we don’t want showcased disappear in seconds. In fact, sometimes it’s all we need to look perfectly put together! But when it comes to our undereye area, where skin is ten times thinner than anywhere else on the body, the formulas we relied on when we were younger on aren’t pulling their weight now that we’ve got wrinkles to mask, more discoloration and, of course, lots of dryness. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best undereye concealers for mature skin.

The skin under our eyes changes as we age

“When we’re younger, the skin under our eyes had more elasticity and was not affected by elements such as sun and dehydration,” explains celebrity makeup artist Jennifer Fleming. She adds that this makes what we were looking for in a concealer now different than in the past. Luckily, there are plenty of undereye concealers specifically for mature skin — and a lot of them are loaded with anti-aging ingredients that treat delicate eye skin at the same time.

So if you’re not sure where to start when looking for the best undereye concealer for mature skin, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for the makeup artist-approved formulas and application tricks that camouflage undereye beauty bothers and turn back the clock in an instant.

What to look for in an undereye concealer for mature skin

“When searching for a concealer for mature skin, consider options that are hydrating, creamy and brightening,” Fleming says. “Formulas with a doe-foot or wand applicator tend to have creamy formulas.” Makeup artist Ashleigh Ciucci adds that you want to look for something that’s high-pigmented (for coverage) but hydrating, so as to not settle into fine lines.

Ciucci also recommends looking for a concealer that target the undereye area specifically since “a concealer for your face isn’t necessarily good for the undereye.” Plus, she adds that “a concealer you use for a blemish or discoloration, aka one that matches your overall skin tone, can’t always do the trick for the undereye.”

And for what to avoid when picking an undereye concealer, Fleming says to skip concealers that are fast-drying, cream-based and full-coverage. “Be mindful of stick concealers that may pull on the skin during application,” she says.

Best undereye concealers for mature skin of 2023

The best ways to apply undereye concealer

The #1 tip for applying undereye concealer for women over 50 is to place the product only in areas that need coverage, like the inner corners and outer corners of the eyes, says Ciucci. Less is more, she notes when it comes to concealer because “if you cake concealer all around the undereye, you’re only calling attention to the area” and emphasizing agers like fine lines and wrinkles.

Cuicci advises applying concealer as the first step of your makeup routine before any other product is used like foundation. The reason: “As you do the rest of your face, the concealer will dry a bit and ‘thicken,’” she says, which gives the product more coverage while still offering a natural finish. This trick also helps the concealer blend in seamlessly with foundation instead of sitting on top of it. To do: Simply add one dot of concealer directly under the inner corner and one dot directly under the outer corner of each eye and let sit, then apply foundation as usual and blend out the concealer immediately after.

When it’s time to blend the dots of concealer, it’s best to use gentle tapping movements, says Fleming as “a tapping motion protects the delicate area under the eyes.” And while makeup sponges and fingertips are great for blending in concealer, Fleming likes to use a fluffy blending eyeshadow brush since it “protects the elasticity of the eye, while simultaneously blending the product for a seamless application.”

Check out the video below for more anti-aging undereye concealer application tricks from makeup artist and YouTuber @RisaDoesMakeup.

Our top picks for undereye concealers for mature skin

Best concealer for dry, flakey undereyes
Silver tube of Trinny London undereye concealer.
Trinny London

Buy from Trinny London, $36

Why we like it

  • Skincare and makeup in one
  • Buildable coverage

When facing dry, flaky skin underneath the eyes, Ciucci points to this formula as it’s super hydrating, comes in a variety of shades and can applied as sheer or fuller coverage as needed. That’s because this concealer is an eye serum and concealer hybrid, which makes it ideal for aging skin. Its standout skincare ingredient is hyaluronic acid that deeply hydrates parched skin underneath the eyes and plumps skin at the same time to “fill in” creases — it’s a win-win.

Best undereye concealer for dull, dehydrated skin
Huda Beauty's Glowish undereye concealer.
Huda Beauty

Buy from Sephora, $27

Why we like it

  • Sheer to light coverage
  • Has a radiant finish

If you’re looking for a concealer that has lighter coverage, makes skin look luminous and is moisturizing, this concealer is the one for you! It contains highlighting pigments says Ciucci that gives undereye skin a lit-from-within glow and blurs aging skin concerns. And it is also made with prickly pear cactus extract that restores moisture to dehydrated, delicate undereye skin.

Best brightening undereye concealer
Bobbi Brown undereye concealer.
Bobbi Brown

Buy from Sephora, $33

Why we like it

  • Full coverage yet thin formula
  • Light-reflecting finish

Fleming says this concealer is great because it’s full coverage but has a thinner consistency so it won’t feel heavy. And it contains mica light-reflecting particles that bounce light onto skin underneath the eyes to instantly brighten up the area, offsetting darkness for a wide-awake appearance.

Best depuffing undereye concealer
Milk Makeup undereye concealer in silver tube.
Milk Makeup/Sephora

Buy from Sephora, $29

Why we like it

  • Medium to full coverage
  • Contains caffeine

If undereye bags are one of your top concerns, look to this concealer. It offers a medium to full coverage that allows you to build up the amount of coverage to your liking. Ciucci says that the caffeine and aloe vera in this concealer work together to de-puff and tighten the undereye area so skin looks tauter. And to give puffiness a 1-2 punch, try tapping the concealer onto undereye skin with your ring finger as the motions help push out excess fluids to further diminish bags.

Best creaseless undereye concealer
Bottle of MAC Cosmetics Pro Longwear Concealer.
MAC Cosmetics

Buy from MAC, $31

Why we like it

  • Wide shade range
  • Blends into skin seamlessly

This best-selling undereye concealer that comes in a variety of shades is one of the best creaseless options according to Fleming. Its lightweight formula ensures the concealer won’t settle into and emphasize fine lines, wrinkles or crepey skin underneath the eyes. Flemming says it’s best to apply this concealer with a blending brush and once it sets, it stays all day thanks to the water and sweat resistant formula.

Best undereye concealer for wrinkly skin
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind eraser concealer.

Buy from Walmart, $8.80

Why we like it

  • Has a sponge applicator
  • Low price

For an affordable concealer that covers lines instantly, Fleming relies on this Maybelline concealer. What makes it great is its sponge tip applicator that allows you to place the product where needed and seamlessly blend it in at the same time. And it’s packed with goji berry extract that encourages collagen and elastin production to firm skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Best color-correcting undereye concealer

Buy from Ulta, $27

Why we like it

  • Feels lightweight
  • Infused with skin care ingredients

This concealer comes in 6 color-correcting shades: red-orange (to conceal discoloration for deeper skin tones), deep peach (to conceal discoloration for dark to medium skin tones), peach (to conceal discoloration on medium to light skin tones), pink (to brighten dark circles for light skin tones), yellow (to brighten dark circles for medium skin tones) and green (to counteract redness). Ciucci loves this formula for its lightweight, creamy texture that won’t cake on mature skin. What’s more, it’s made with marshmallow root, rice bran and licorice that helps diminish discoloration over time and soothe any redness or irritation. Tip: Apply this type of concealer before foundation or top with a concealer in a shade that matches skin for a flawless finish.

Best undereye concealer for birthmarks
Dermablend Cover Care concealer for undereyes.

Buy from Ulta, $29

Why we like it

  • Waterproof and transfer-resistant
  • Available in 15 shades

Ciucci is a fan of this concealer for its waterproof and transfer-proof capabilities, which are vital when it comes to covering up discoloration from melasma to birthmarks and vitiligo (this concealer is also commonly used to cover up tattoos as well) and large range of shades. A little goes a long way, she cautions, and the formula boasts a soft, matte finish so you can easily blend in the formula and it will look just like skin.

Best undereye concealer for dark circles
Tube of IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Anti-Aging Waterproof Concealer
IT Cosmetics

Buy from Sephora, $29

Why we like it

  • Long-lasting formula
  • Brightens skin

“Just a *kiss* of this concealer on the inner and outer corners brightens and color corrects — and lasts for the long haul,” Ciucci says. This makes it the perfect pick to cover up dark undereye shadows and it’s also infused with peptides (they boost collagen production to thicken undereye skin) and vitamin E (it hydrates skin and promotes circulation to prevent blood from pooling) to make circles look less noticeable after removing makeup. Tip: Use a fluffy brush to blend as opposed to a stiff brush to get the most natural look.

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