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Stitching a video of a woman who claimed to be “pushing 30” and taking a chance on a 24-year-old young buck, TikToker Jefe advocated for May-December romances. A video making its rounds on TikTok encouraged Black women to give younger brothers a chance when it came to dating. 

“A lot of older women, as soon as they hear a man’s age, they wanna hit you with the line of ‘Oh, you’re too young.’ But, baby girl, didn’t you say you want a man that cherishes you? You want a man that values you? So, who better to pick than the boy who is infatuated with you? Who finds value in you besides the physical features?”

Jefe addressed older women’s insecurities that deter them from endeavoring an older-woman-younger-man relationship.

“A lot of older women start to get insecure about their bodies, right? But these younger men love you for you,” the influencer assured. “They love you for your curves. They love you for those tiger stripes, for those stretch marks you got. They are infatuated for you, and they understand the value that you bring. They understand that you gon’ teach them a couple of things, but guess what? He ready to love you for you.”

Though May-December relationships, especially when the woman is older, have been taboo from a societal standpoint,  Black older women are finding love in the arms of younger, more virile men, and we ain’t mad.

The late, great Tina Turner married her lover, German record executive Erwin Bach, who was 17 years her junior, in 2013. They were together 37 years until her death on May 24, 2023. The wise German record executive referred to her as “the boss” in a 1996 60 Minutes interview. 

Reality television star and actress Tami Roman Youngblood married her younger bae, Reggie Youngblood, five years ago after they began dating in 2014.

*Sidebar* We would love to see Ms. Tina Knowles with a younger lover on her arm. 

In fact, Knowles’ son-in-law, Jay-Z,  encouraged the matriarch to get her groove back with a younger man.

May-December romances with women typically have a 5 to 15-year age difference. Knowles ended up marrying Richard Lawson– who was seven years older. The two, unfortunately, forged their separation this year. No formal announcement was made, but Knowles dropped her estranged husband’s last name from hers on her Instagram page.

Here are some pros for Black women dating younger men.

Pro: Higher libido

In 2016, Dr. Holly N. Thomas, an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Pittsburgh, told Today that sex improves in age for women for many reasons, and younger men tend to have higher sex drives.

Pro: Learning opportunities on both ends.

As Oscar Wilde said, “With age comes wisdom,” therefore, there may be much older women who could teach younger men and vice versa. And depending on the maturity level of the younger man, the cons may not even be an issue. There are plenty of May/December romances that work just fine.

Pro: Broadens the amount of fish in the sea

The marriage squeeze is not an ideal place any person in the dating realm would want to experience—particularly women over 30. According to the National Library of Medicine, the marriage squeeze is when the demand exceeds the supply, propelling December women to supplement their age range.

Broadening your dating age preference invites more options and excitement in your life.

Pro: Equal physiologically

According to a BBC study, women’s life expectancy is five times more than men’s due to lifestyle changes. Therefore, an older could be “physiologically equal” to her younger lover.

Sis, if you’re toying with dating a young tender and whether it’s just for a good time or forever love…DO IT.