MIRAMAR, Fla. – According to a study published in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, vaginal estrogen is effective in treating UTI’s in women with lower than normal levels of estrogen.

Dr. Jonathan Black with the Center for Gynecologic Oncology said that happens in older women as a result of menopause but can also affect younger women who have low estrogen levels as a result of cancer or other medical issues that led to the removal of the ovaries.

“In general we know that estrogen helps improve blood supply especially when used locally to the pelvic area and also it decreases vaginal atrophy which is know is basically drying and inflammation of the vaginal tissue and that using vaginal estrogen can help decrease vaginal atrophy which leads to a decrease in urinary tract infections. so I think what this study does is it brings to light all this other patient population that although they may not be menopausal if they’re having urinary tract infections looking into the causes of those infections and considering vaginal estrogen as a treatment,” Black said.

The study followed more than 5,000 women over a ten year period.


Researchers at the University of Southern California have developed a blood test that appears to be 91% accurate in detecting ovarian cancer.

If a follow up study validates the results, researchers said a commercially viable version of the test could be available within two years or less.

Because there currently are no reliable screening tests for ovarian cancer almost all cases are diagnosed at an advanced stage, lowering the chances of survival.