You’re making money, you’re good looking, so why aren’t you dating someone super hot?

That seems to be the pitch that Secret Benefits is going with, as it’s being advertised as the site “where experienced and attractive people meet.”

In this Secret Benefits review, we’re going to consider just why and how “millions of people are finding each other and starting relationships.” We’ll also discuss whether Secret Benefits is worth the money and how joining the site might change your love life forever.

Let’s get started with an abbreviated look at what Secret Benefits promises.

Secret Benefits Review in 10 Seconds

  • Millions of people are getting together
  • You are put into one of two categories: “Experienced” or “Attractive”
  • Read profiles and post photos/videos
  • Unlike other dating sites, this is more of a casual fling site
  • This is “sugar dating,” which involves giving gifts & financial support
  • Most of your searches and matches will be local
  • You buy credits in exchange for conversation
  • All dialogs are anonymous and no one uses their full name

Who is Secret Benefits for and Not for?

First off, the site is also not meant for long-term relationships or traditional dating.

Secret Benefits is a dating site for people who understand the concept of sugar daddies and sugar babies.

Sugar daddies are the “Experienced” party, which means the wealthier person. Sugar babies are the “Attractive” party and appreciate getting gifts and money in exchange for attention.

Sugar dating sites do not endorse or allow prostitution or “solicitation of sex.”

Attractive people are given gifts for their time, attention, and companionship. Any sexual or romantic relationship that develops is a personal choice between two consenting adults.

Therefore, Secret Benefits is definitely NOT for someone who thinks they can buy sexual favors.

Secret Benefits is for people who enjoy flirting, have “good game,” and are wealthy enough to give money away with no strings attached.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Secret Benefits

Secret Benefits Pros

  • A legal and trustworthy sugar dating platform
  • Good site for both sugar daddies and babies
  • Verified profiles of real people
  • Outstanding privacy options for anonymous use
  • Stellar offsite reviews
  • Advanced search filters
  • Share private photos at your discretion

Secret Benefits Cons

  • No way to verify income
  • No video chat
  • Not easy to delete your account

Is Secret Benefits Legit?

Secret Benefits was founded in 2016 and to this day, is based in Auckland, New Zealand.

The fact that New Zealand legalized sex work decades ago may not be coincidental. Still, at least in the United States and most other countries, sex workers cannot openly advertise paid services.

Instead, this sugar dating website matches up with wealthy and attractive members interested in short-term dating.

The site receives almost 15 million visits a year and regularly outperforms competitors like Ashley Madison and Seeking.

The popular sugar dating site is also one of the very sites to maintain a solid four-and-a-half-star rating from both TrustPilot and SiteJabber. Secret Benefits reviews are now in the hundreds on both site, and yet it maintains a four-star average. Impressive!

Simply put, yes, Secret Benefits is one of the most trusted legit dating websites in the world.

What Online Dating Services Does Secret Benefits Offer?

Secret Benefits does not put a price on sugar dating. Other sugar dating sites may hold dating auctions or charge a monthly fee, but Secret Benefits only charges for the conversations you have onsite.

The main reason is, you are paying for the opportunity to meet a sugar daddy or sugar baby and for the anonymity the dating site provides. 

You can start conversations here and make a connection offsite. But there are not many interactive features, such as video chat or streaming shows.

However, profiles can be very detailed, with bios, photos, and video introductions.

Design of Secret Benefits

One of the first things you will notice is that the Secret Benefits website is fairly minimalist in approach. There are no heavy graphics besides the profiles or any animation or videos on the homepage.

Even the site’s signup page is bare bones, with a picture of a smartphone profile and buttons to get your search started. You will also see three main steps to join: Join, Talk, and Meet Up.

Don’t bother looking for a Secret Benefits app, since it is not available on Apple or Google Play. Instead, the website works on all modern devices and displays almost the same on any mobile, desktop, or laptop device.

Secret Benefits Review: How to Use a Sugar Dating Site

The signup process is fairly simple. Start by clicking Free Signup and then choose male or female. From there, you type in your email address, desired username, password, age, location, and ethnicity.

If you’re already a member, you can click the Secret Benefits login button to pick up where you left off.

After activating your new account through email, you can get as many free trials as you want without having to pay. However, once you want to start talking to someone, you pay credits for each new conversation.

The main features of the site are messaging, search, custom matches, accessing public/secret albums, and creating a profile.

Creating Your Secret Benefits Account

The most important step is creating an attractive profile for other members to see. This is where you enter information about body type, hair color, eye color, piercings, tattoos, height, and all the stats people want to know.

You can also specify your views on lifestyle, such as smoking/drinking, education, and even net worth. The latter is especially important if you’re a sugar daddy looking to prove you’re the real deal.

The best way to get people to interact with you is to create an attractive bio. You should also answer the prompts the Secret Benefits website gives you, such as “What do you have to offer?” and “What are you looking for?” 

The profile page is also where you can change your location or specify if you’re looking for men, women, or trans options.

The interests section can be quite long since there are a variety of tags related to broad categories of Values, Activities, Sports, Travel, Tastes, Movies/TV, and Music.

Profile Verification 

You will quickly notice the site pushes its members to get verified. However, this is not an invasive process that requires you to dig up old documents.

All you have to do is click the Get Verified button and then record and upload a video of yourself saying, “Let me be your secret.” 

This allows the Secret Benefits moderation team to determine you are a real person and not just catfishing or spamming the site.

There is currently no way to verify your income or prove you are a sugar daddy.

Search Members

When it comes time to search sugar babies, you will get a grid of several profiles at a time to review. The search page shows you only the most important data, like location, whether or not the person is online, and a quick tagline to catch someone’s interest.

Each profile “snapshot” also includes a photo and whether or not that person has been Verified.

You can change the location at any time or choose between Recently Active Users or Newest.

You can also filter your search from this page and activate some deal breakers to narrow down your search. You can easily change your filters for male, female, and TS, as well as lifestyle or body type information.

A Secret Benefits Review of Sugar Babies

It’s time to meet your sugar babies! Once you click on a dating profile, you can see a main photo, a bio, and a few more photos down below.

This is the section where you can get to know your crush and see what this person wants, what they’re all about, and what their attributes are as far as body, age, and ethnicity.

Your best bet is to either Heart-Like a profile or send a message directly. You can also request access to private galleries, though this is usually a step that comes after making a connection through conversation.

While each member is different, obviously, you will notice many of the sugar babies are upfront about what they want. Some dream of traveling the world. Others like allowances and gifts. Some may even post their wishlist offsite for an idea of how to spoil them.

You will find that paying close attention to each profile gives you a better idea of how to approach the relationship in a classy and seductive way.

Don’t just ask what the other person wants. Don’t ask for sex. Play it cool!

Become a Top Admirer

Since this is a sugar dating website, it makes sense to become a “top admirer” of your favorites.

This simply means that you can pay extra tokens for Top Admirer status and stand above all the other sugar daddies who are just browsing.


The messages section stores your received and sent messages, as well as an archive option. There are no “fake messages” on this site.

The best way to start receiving messages is to develop your profile and start conversations.

Access Private / Secret Photo Albums 

The Access tab brings you to Granted and Unlocked access requests, which means you have to ask to see private galleries and secret albums of your favorite members.

Don’t expect to get access unless you join, upload some public and private photos, and become a Top Admirer for some of the beautiful sugar babies online.


Your Matches tab shows your history of whose profile you viewed, visitors to your profile, favorites, and your top admirers. From this menu, you can Like, Message, Request Private Access, View Profile, or Hide the profile of the person you corresponded with.

To be honest, Secret Benefits is not a serious “matchmaking site.” You may get custom matches based on your user behavior, but it’s mostly going to be members who are nearby in location.

It’s safe to say, eHarmony, this ain’t!

A Secret Benefits Review of Sugar Daddies

Secret Benefits also allows you to search for men, whether you’re looking for sugar daddy guys or even “sugar baby” gay men. You can always change the filters to show men, women, and trans options.

There are also sugar mommas here. You can adjust the filters to include women and look for profiles that make over 100K a year. At that point, it’s safe to say they are the ones on the prowl!

What Are the Best Features of Secret Benefits?

Some of the best features of this online dating site include:

  • Profile moderation and general safety of the dating site
  • Privacy options
  • Video introductions
  • Unlimited texting
  • Secret albums/videos
  • Priority listings
  • Women join for free
  • And overall, just the access you get to sugar babies in your area

Let’s consider the best features one at a time.

Profile Moderation

Secret Benefits users must have photos to be visible in the Secret Benefits community. Fake profiles may be here and there, but they will not come up in local search results.

The most publicized profiles are the ones that are Verified through a simple selfie-uploading process.

Privacy Options

Anonymity is not just a luxury for some people – their lives depend on it! No wonder the Secret Benefits site offers options like:

  • Secret Browsing (members can’t see you, but you can see them)
  • Hidden or blocked members (for your own security)
  • Hide My Profile (for when it’s time to go completely offline for a while)

Some SB users have complained that they don’t see the option for Deactivate or Delete their account entirely.

Deleting your account completely, however, can be inconvenient.

If it ever comes to this point, overwrite existing bio information, along with new stock photos, and then click Hide Your Profile. You can also delete all of your correspondence with other members.

At some point, the site will get the message, and the Delete Profile option will be visible again.

You can also write customer support to have your account deleted manually.

Video Introductions

Video intros, along with the verification process, are two of Secret Benefits’ best features. This makes it easy to verify your face and show people your IRL voice.

Please note, however, that public photos and videos can reveal your IRL identity on the internet. So while it’s a good dating strategy to post a video, it’s not always a good idea to leave your face online – especially if you’re married or have a high-profile job in your community.

Secret Album / Video Galleries

No wonder then that many members will only share identifying photos on the secret galleries.

They may post just a body shot or half of a face and leave the rest of their photos in a private album, accessible only to members personally approved.

Unlimited Texting

While Secret Benefits does charge you for text conversations with new members, you also get unlimited texting after paying for the initial conversation.

Priority Benefits

Secret Benefits members can also receive priority support and priority listings. That means you get more attentive customer service, as well as higher rankings in the local search results.

Secret Benefits Review and Criticism

Secret Benefits is such a straightforward site it may be a little problematic for some who live in conservative states or countries.

For instance, the sugar dating site favors profiles with video introductions and lots of face and body photos. But some Secret Benefits users might hesitate to post any identifying information online.

The moderation team may also require as many as six photos to get you listed in the local search results and with full access to all areas of the site.

The fact that Secret Benefits does not provide a way to verify sugar daddy income is also a little strange. While the video verification process is pretty simple, how is a sugar baby supposed to know who’s legit rich?

Maybe that’s why the site encourages its sugar daddy users to use the Top Admirer feature and just throw money at your favorite sugar baby.

Around here, money talks more than a verified account!

Lastly, the no video chat option is a bit frustrating, but once again, the site is doing its best to keep things anonymous.

Secret Benefits Pricing

Secret Benefits does not charge a monthly fee but instead offers credit packages. You can buy Secret Benefits credits as follows:

  • 29 cents for 1000 credits – $289 total
  • 34 cents for 500 credits – $169 total
  • 59 cents for 100 credits – $59 total

It costs 10 credits to start a new conversation. It also costs 10 credits to unlock secret photos and videos.

The Top Admirer feature lets you tip anywhere from 20-300 tokens for special recognition.

Currently, the only way to pay Secret Benefits prices is via credit card.

Secret Benefits members can always expect discreet billing and credits that never expire.

Dating Sites Like Secret Benefits

Are there other sugar dating sites like Secret Benefits? Yes, here is a breakdown of four of the top competitors who take a similar approach to casual dating.


Ashley Madison is not a sugar site specifically but is a site where men can flirt with women, chat anonymously, and make a personal connection.

Nevertheless, it remains a controversial dating site because of its “married…have an affair” reputation. Ashley Madison is not necessarily known for rich men, unlike Secret Benefits, so it’s no wonder it has a 3-1 male-to-female ratio.

Still, Ashley Madison is worth a look if you have always wanted a lusty affair, but are afraid of the personal fallout.

  • AM has better anonymity tools, like photo editing software
  • AM doesn’t require as many photos
  • AM also has private photos and secret galleries
  • AM has more married but looking active users
  • SB has a better female-to-male ratio, about 50/50
  • SB lets users throw credits at sugar babies
  • SB is known for younger women
  • SB has more wealthy men


While Seeking has a similar theme to Secret Benefits, the angle is a bit different. Seeking promotes “luxury dating.”

That usually means a wealthy and or famous man who’s interested in attractive young women. He doesn’t necessarily buy their attention with site credits. He’s just rich, and so just dating him comes with some very generous propositions – like flying around the world.

Both sites have mutually beneficial relationships, though Seeking attracts more wealthy men in general, whereas Secret Benefits has both high-income and middle-income sugar daddies looking for attractive women.

  • Seeking is a good place to meet the rich and or famous
  • Seeking has video chat
  • Seeking has verified profiles, income & documentation
  • Seeking doesn’t openly endorse sugar dating
  • SB is much more affordable
  • SB has a credit system instead of monthly fees
  • SB is more anonymous
  • SB lets you tip sugar babies directly



Adult Friend Finder has never advertised sugar dating, but certainly never frowned on it either. It was always intended as an adult community where rich and poor alike could meet, talk, and hopefully hop into bed at some point!

Adult Friend Finder has the same traditional dating website setup as Secret Benefits but goes one step further. It also offers a social media interface, complete with friends, walls, discussion groups, live chat rooms, and video streaming shows.

Read our full AdultFriendFinder Review here.

While Secret Benefits also has video intros, AFF is more about partying and hanging out online with your friends and lovers.

  • AFF offers an adult community with plenty of interactive fun
  • AFF has groups and live chat
  • AFF has streaming shows from amateurs and models
  • AFF has Verified members too
  • SB encourages sugar daddies and sugar babies
  • SB offers sugar dating with “Top Admirer”
  • SB has more real profiles
  • SB is more anonymous

Victoria Milan 

Victoria Milan was always designed as an identical competitor to Ashley Madison, and has many of the same features of extramarital dating sites.

These include photo editing tools for privacy and other features that other sugar sites don’t prioritize. Secret Benefits is a sugar dating site first, a married affair site second. Many users on Secret Benefits are posting their faces and verifying their profiles because they’re single.

Victoria Milan tends to have hidden or blurred public galleries, reminding people to keep things anonymous and discreet if they don’t want to get caught.

  • VM is a married affair dating site, not sugar
  • VM has better anonymity tools, like photo blurring
  • VM has a monthly membership fee, not credits
  • VM is more of a regular dating site
  • SB has better reviews than Victoria Milan
  • SB also has public and private galleries
  • SB lets you financially support sugar babies onsite
  • SB has better pricing

Secret Benefits Review FAQs

Still have questions about using a sugar dating site? Here are some answers, hold the sugar.

Is Secret Benefits a legit dating website?

Yes, Secret Benefits is a legit dating website founded in 2016.

It maintains good reviews from independent sources like TrustPilot and SiteJabber. 

However, some users are still not sure about what they’re getting with a sugar dating website.

For instance, you cannot buy sex on the platform. You only get the opportunity to date a sugar baby. If the idea of her saying no to sex upsets you, sugar dating is not for you.

Does Secret Benefits have the most beautiful women?

Secret Benefits is certainly known for attracting beautiful women, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Still, with nearly 15 million visitors a month, it’s one of the fastest-growing dating sites.

Can I join the Secret Benefits Website for free?

Yes, you can join Secret Benefits for free, although some features are limited.

The sugar online dating service offers a free account, which you can use to create a profile, search, and initiate contact. Messaging, however, requires a paid Secret Benefits membership.

What is a sugar baby and sugar daddy relationship on Secret Benefits?

A sugar baby and sugar daddy relationship refers to a dynamic of financial support.

On Secret Benefits, there are two categories for wealthy men (or women) and attractive women (or men). There is also a trans filter, though the lack of gender options may be off-putting to some LGBTQ members.

But the wealthy party is expected to spend money on the attractive party. He pays for dinners, travel, allowance, gifts, and for time and companionship.

Sex is not part of the deal. All flirting and dates are no-strings-attached. 

If someone doesn’t understand this or is angry about it, they are not sugar daddy material!

Is there a Secret Benefits app?

No, there is no Secret Benefits app.

Instead, the website is formatted to display on most smartphones, tablets, and laptop/desktop PCs.

What should a sugar daddy say to potential sugar babies on Secret Benefits?

A sugar daddy is expected to be respectful, flirty, and charming to potential sugar babies.

On Secret Benefits, most of the sugar daddies have good game. They are charming, funny, and interesting – besides being just rich!

This is not a site for rude or entitled wealthy men to make fools of themselves or harass women.

Are any escorts using a Secret Benefits account?

Escorts are generally not allowed to use a Secret Benefits account, especially in the United States.

The simple reason being, escorts very often break the rules and negotiate prices for sex.

But sugar babies do not. 

Some sugar babies may be escorting undercover, but if they’re smart they won’t say it publicly on the site or to the sugar daddies they’re courting.

What is dating sugar babies at Secret Benefits like?

Dating sugar babies at Secret Benefits is a lot of fun!

Imagine being able to date beautiful women “out of your league” and get their undivided attention. If you’re an old-fashioned romantic, then paying for dinner and travel is no big deal. You’re in it for fun and companionship.

And most sugar babies are very good at flirting, very chatty, and educated about deep topics of conversation. Why not start chatting at Secret Benefits now?

What is dating sugar daddies at Secret Benefits like?
Dating sugar daddies at Secret Benefits is a lot of fun, according to sugar babies who have done it.

They get paid to go on dates. They get paid to have dinner at five-star restaurants and offers to travel across the world.

And most of these sugar daddies are well-traveled, well-read, and well-mannered. It’s one of the most enjoyable ways to find a boyfriend!

Are sugar baby relationships legal at Secret Benefits?

Yes, sugar baby relationships are legal at Secret Benefits, as long as sex for payment is not discussed.

How can I exchange private videos on Secret Benefits?

You can request to exchange private videos on Secret Benefits or offer to unlock your own private videos for your online friends.

Secret Benefits Review – The Top Dog of Sugar Dating Websites

Secret Benefits is one of the top niche dating sites in the world for a reason.

Many people are interested in casual dating over long-term relationships these days. Sugar relationships are more or less casual dating, with an extra cherry on top. 

If you want to show your feelings for a sugar baby, then you have to prove it.

Secret Benefits helps facilitate that relationship by introducing you to legit sugar babies, with verified profiles, who love to flirt with sugar daddies who know how the process works.

This site is clearly the most trusted name in sugar dating, with hundreds of independent user reviews to show for it.

Why not get a free sugar daddy account today and find a “candy girl” who gets you?