Chanel eyeliner, Revlon Pencil Eyeliner, Phyto-Eye stick, Chantacaille eye liner and L'Oreal Paris Age Perfect eyeliner.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, so it makes sense you want them to look as bright and defined as you can. Yet, if you have more mature skin, you may find some brands of eyeliner get smudgy or dry as you apply them.

There are a lot of options on the market that reviewers in their 50s, 60s and beyond swear by. From pencils to pots, we rounded up a wide selection of eyeliners used and loved by reviewers with more mature skin.

We gave you drug store options and luxury items alike — all of which come with glowing reviews from makeup wearers who have aged like fine wine.

While many come in softer shades of brown or gray, we found a bunch of pure black options, as well. We hope you snag a new holy grail favorite or test out a few options to build out your makeup collection with products that work for you.

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Best luxury black: MAC colour excess gel pencil
An all-around classic, the MAC Colour Excess gel pencil is an ultra-pigmented, long-wear waterproof liner with a precise applicator that’s easy to use. The gel-like product easily floats over skin and the smudge-resistant formula keeps your lines sharp and straight.

Promising reviews: “1. Super smooth glide makes this easy to use, even on more delicate, older or crepe-y skin. It does not pull or tug the way some eyeliners will. Note: this equals you going through the product at a faster rate. But I find that you waste other products trying to get hard liners to soften up enough to work well on older eyes… Even if I don’t wear mascara, this gives my eyes a very enhancing finish–sort of like mock lashes.” — JanieH(This review has been edited for length.)

“This liner is great for staying put, not pulling on my older skin, and looking fantastic!” — Angela

Best drugstore black: E.l.f. no-budge retractable eyeliner
Creamy and pigmented, this retractable eyeliner is waterproof and will last for the day. It comes in a streamlined package that is easy to put on and will ensure you get the product exactly where you want it and not anywhere you don’t.

Promising reviews: “All of ELF’s products are great, but this eyeliner is the best I’ve ever used, and I’m 50 so I have used a lot of eyeliners.” — Lara Beth

“Love it. I am an older woman, most pencil liners pull my skin and don’t produce a good continuous line. This pencil glides on and STAYS out all day long!!!!” — Kindle Customer

Best luxury brown: Chanel waterproof long-lasting eyeliner
A little softer than a black liner while still being eye-catching, this waterproof, smudge-proof liner is resistant to water, humidity and oil. It has a an easy-twist compartment with a retractable tip that’s not strenuous to put on and will help the product stay in play. Reviewers say the product is soft and easy to apply on mature skin without being super smudgy.

Promising reviews: “I purchased the 20-Espresso color to replace the one I have been using. As a mature woman, black is not for me. The espresso is easily applied and stays in place. It is dark enough without being stark, like the black color. The one it is replacing seemed to last quite a long time, probably 3 months at least. I recommend this product and color whether you are mature or just wanting a change of pace black.” — sasaru

“This eyeliner in ANY color should be a staple in your makeup drawer. I was a HUGE sceptic of CHANEL products but I switched because my skin has become more “mature” wow, nothing disappoints, especially the eyeliner, I bought in black, blue, and this rose color. Wow, perfect for summer! I Am olive complexion.” — MUST TRY

I am over 70 so I tried espresso color. Easy to apply and not as stark as pure black. It lasts all day and no smudging. Worth the price for this quality product.” — CCCS

Best drugstore brown: NYX vivid rich mechanical eye pencil
With the glide of a liquid formula with the ease and precision of a stick, this twisting retractable pen is creamy and long-lasting. Heat and humidity-proof, it won’t bleed as you’re wearing it, giving you definition for hours on end.

Promising review: “The color is soft and rich. It glides on smoothly. I’m 70 years old but it’s easy to control the fine tip. The color is beautiful for an older woman. I highly recommend this color and this pencil.” — LB

“I have been wearing eyeliner since I was a teenager and I can say with 100% confidence that this is by far the best eyeliner I have ever used. I’m a pencil girl so I can’t speak much about liquid. But this goes on really nice and doesn’t pull or tear at my aging skin. It lasts all day under normal conditions and has stayed on for hours in the water. Love the bronze color with the tiny sparkles. It’s the only liner ibhave purchased in several years now. And the price… FAHGEDABOUDIT! 5 STARS across the board.” — Vanessa L. Knight

Best gray: L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect glide eyeliner
This super silky formula is designed to sail over your skin, meaning you don’t need to tug it, and it’s gentle around sensitive eyes. It’s a waterproof formula that’s promises to be non-drying and comfortable for all-day wear.

Promising reviews: “Ihave tried so many eyeliners for older skin. Nothing would work and wasted money. I love this eyeliner, it actually glides just like it was advertised. Stayed on all day, no smudges either! I highly recommend for older skin, but probably any type skin will work. Excellent product! I used the brown.” — Debra

“Love this eyeliner, perfect for aging eyes glides on as promised” — Laurie

Best green: Chantacaille luster glid eyeliner
Bring out that dazzle in your eyes with this olive-hued pencil liner. It’s a rich, saturated formula that’s silky to put on the skin but, according to reviewers, won’t migrate as you wear it. The pencil shape is easy to use, ensuring you’re getting the product right where you want it.

Promising reviews: “First, let me say that I have dry mature skin and have changed to only one neutral eye shadow to keep it simple, so the right color eyeliner really makes a difference with my hazel eyes. I just purchased the Forest Green color and I have to say that it does indeed glide on easily. I tightline the liner on my eyes (nothing on the bottom) and it works beautifully–really makes my eyes pop and my lashes look thicker, along with mascara of course. The liner does not cause any problems with my eyes, which seem to be more sensitive now, perhaps allergies are coming back. Seems the reviews like some of the other colors also, so I will be purchasing a couple of others in the future.” — PoseyMom

“This is a superb beautiful product. Excellent for the older eye! does not pull, stays on all day, no smudging and retains the colour. Love it. My eye pencil for life. Thank you xx” — Mermaidy

Best metallic: Julep’s “When Pencil Met Gel”
For something new but still familiar, this eyeliner pencil has gel-like formula with a little metallic shimmer. It’s made with a special wax blend that’s designed to easily slide over your eyelid so you don’t have to pull or fuss and will last for over ten hours of wear.

Promising review: “I am in love with the Julep When Pencil met gel eyeliner pencils. I have used them daily for several years. I added the Golden Olive shimmer to my collection. I am 65 with blonde hair, hazel eyes, and medium skin tone. These are so easy to use on mature eyes. I find they sharpen best if you have the Julep pencil sharpener. They are sweatproof, waterproof and stay on until you take them off. You will need an eye makeup remover for waterproof eye makeup. I use the Julep oil cleanser to remove all my makeup. I love the cleansing oil too. I have very sensitive skin and eyes and both the eye pencil and cleansing oil do not irritate my eyes or skin. I love it and highly recommend.” — Design Diva

“The product is so soft and easy to apply to the eyelid. I love the forgiving line that meshes into a shadow. I want to accentuate my eyes but at age 71, I cannot wear make-up that is too dark or harsh. The colors Golden Olive Shimmer and Smokey Taupe Shimmer are perfect colors for my greying hair, hazel eyes, and winter skin. The shimmer is not metallic so it is fine for an older skin. I love these eyeliners and I have bought the sharpener and two more colors. This product has not yet hurt my sensitive eyes and it seems to last all day.” — Claudine

Best blue: Clinique quickliner
Keep your lines super defined or go for the worn look with this double-ended Clinique liner. It’s a richly pigmented eyeliner in a super smooth formula that reviewers say is easy to apply to mature skin and comes in an easy-to-use automatic pencil eyeliner with a smudge-tip on the other end.

Promising reviews:This is a great eyeliner for me now, over 50. It applies without “stuttering,” but it’s not too soft, either.Just sort of glides across my uneven, wrinkly skin without having to pull my lid taut. You’ll sacrifice a bit of longevity for the ease of application, but it lasts 10-12 hours for me before it needs touch-up. The color is beautiful, a soft grey that’s slightly more blue than grey. Doesn’t bother my very sensitive eyes at all – no itching, no redness. I ordered another in roast coffee because I liked this one so much. Glad I found it!” — Nancy Carlson

“As a woman in her early 60’s, I need a softer shade of eyeliner that gives my eyes some definition but not in stark contrast to my skin tone. This is perfect. It is easy to apply and lasts all day. I hope they never stop making it!!!” — Nancy B.

Best pencil: Jane Iredale eye pencil
Crafted from macadamia seed oil, shea butter and vitamin E, this mineral-based eyeliner has a soft formula that conditions your skin as you wear it. The pencil applicator makes it a breeze to put on and the soft formal won’t pull or drag as you apply it.

Promising reviews: “I am middle aged and have been using Jane Iredale products for a few years. This is the first eye liner I have tried in years. It’s perfect! Easy to use and beautiful.” — Tawney

“Love how easily this fills in my eyebrows. The color is perfect.” — Amazon customer

Best gel pencil: Trish McEvoy intense gel eyeliner pencil
As the brand says, this is essentially a long-wearing gel eyeliner that comes in pencil form. The application top ensures you’re getting a straight and direct line and the built-in sponge at the bottom helps you achieve a more smoky look.

Promising reviews: “Perfection for the older eyelid and my favorite eye pencil. I’ve tried many top brands over the yrs; this one suits my needs the best. It’s super pigmented and soft, which I need for an older eyelid.” — Snackintire

“I ordered this eyeliner pencil a few months ago. I’m getting older, and applying my normal brown or navy eyeliner above the lashes wasn’t looking so great anymore. I use this as directed, pressing the color into the base of my lashes near the water line. It really is highly pigmented and it stays put all day. It helps define my eyes, as well as helping the look brighter and more awake. Highly recommend!” — TPGreen

Best waterproof: Revlon pencil eyeliner
Another drug store classic that has earned plenty of praise, the Revlon Colorstay has a built-in sharpener and smuger at the bottom to make your life even easier. It’s waterproof, creamy, easily drapes over your skin and lasts for up to 24 hours.

Promising review: “I’m old and have crepey skin everywhere including around my eyes. I needed a soft pencil as powder shadows were irritating my eyes. This pencil does the trick. It’s not smudge proof or water resistant, but I don’t care about that.” — M

“I originally purchased at Target/Walmart but found a better deal here on Amazon. I wear department store cosmetics, but none of the pencil liners compare to this one – this one really stays and does not smudge. I’ve recommended it to many of my friends who ask how my liner stays on so nicely. It’s easy to apply, and comes off easily with my face wash, but you don’t get creases and it doesn’t bleed into crows feet. Hope they never stop making this because I tried all the expensive and drug store pencils. Goes on like liner, but is a pencil with a smudger on one end.” — GOLDEN GIRL

Best thick stick: Phyto-Eye all-in-one eyeshadow, pencil and eyeliner
While the price is a little higher than other options, this thick stick is an eyeshadow, pencil and eyeliner all in one. Reviewers say it’s easy to use and super pigmented.

Promising review: “Flattering On Older Eyes. I am in my late fifties and haven’t worn anything on my eye lids for maybe 30 years. I love the smoky eye look and bought a couple of these little gems after watching a Sisley YouTube demonstration. My eye lids are hooded, crinkly and pinkie in colour but these apply SO easily and are very flattering. I now have 5 different colours and cant wait play around with them ever day. My only slight complaint is they are a tiny bit glittery, never the less I really like them.” — Oast House

“I am a big fan of Sisley-Paris and use many of their products. I purchased this eyeshadow in 2 colors: Topaz and Havana. These glide smoothly on my mature eyelids and they are very easy to blend. you can build them up for a deeper color and also use them on the waterline with no transfer at all. I am in love with these!!!” — Tali_A