Mastering trendy eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara looks can be challenging enough, but even more so as we age and experience natural changes such as decreased moisture in the eye area.

We consulted professional makeup artists and experts to uncover four common eye makeup errors that women over 40 often make, potentially causing them to look older.

Additionally, these professionals provided helpful tips for achieving more flattering eye looks and avoiding these mistakes!

Read on for tips, suggestions and insight from Victoria DiPietro, cosmetologist and owner of Bella Angel, Gargi Patel, professional makeup artist at Vashanti Cosmetics, Kerrin Jackson, celebrity makeup artist and creator of The Makeup Refinery blog and Destiny McGill, celebrity makeup artist and Day Spa Owner of Lavish Life Studio.

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4 Common Eye Makeup Errors That Can Add Years To Your Look And How To Fix Them

1. Applying Thick Eyeliner To Your Bottom Lash Line

DiPietro cautions that choosing the wrong style of eyeliner can accentuate dark under-eyes and crow’s feet around your eyes. To prevent this, she recommends refraining from applying eyeliner under the bottom lash and using it only on the upper eyelid.

“By using eyeliner correctly, you can create the illusion of a lift on your eyes,” she explains.

Instead, DiPietro instructs to “outline your eyes on the top lid and just in the corner of your eye.” She notes that you can “go a step further and add a cream color eyeliner or white on your waterline.”

This will brighten up your eyes to create a more youthful look. Another tip to “create a younger look with eyeliner,” she concludes, is to “create a subtle wing.”

She says you should always “make sure when you make the wing that you start at the last lash and go up just a tiny bit.” It’s vital to “stop right under where your eye creases, so that the wing doesn’t disappear and exaggerate your crease,” she advises.


2. Skipping Eyeshadow Primer

Before even applying eye makeup at all, Patel explains that it is essential to use a primer on your eyelids. This, she says, will prevent smudging and smearing as primers are designed to lock in your eyeshadow and eyeliner in place.

“The goal is to always keep the eyeliner in places you want it to stay,” she says. Patel adds, “Let’s start with preparation of the eye area. Using a good primer suitable for the eye area will help to keep not only your eyeliner in place, but also your eyeshadow.”

She also notes that your primer “should also hydrate the eye area so liquid eyeliners will not dry out, causing pieces to land in places that will not give a clean look.”


3. Wearing Ultra-Sparkly Eyeshadow

According to McGill, eyeshadows that are excessively glittery or shimmering can have the unintended effect of further highlighting wrinkles, potentially exacerbating the issue rather than masking it.

McGill says that “glittery or shimmery eye shadows really settle into the wrinkles and draw attention to them.” Instead, she recommends “choosing a matte eyeshadow.”

Jackson agrees, adding that the color of your shadow is just as important. “Using a cool toned eyeshadow, and applying it with a heavy hand can tend to create a skull-like shadow in your eye socket,” she warns.

“Try to use a warmer tone eyeshadow instead,” she suggests. She concludes that “keeping the application to a wash over the lid instead of a strong definition in the crease line” is ideal.

4. Opting For Red Eyeshadow Colors

Last but not least, Jackson stresses that red eyeshadow colors can inadvertently emphasize fine lines, wrinkles and other natural signs of aging that you might not want to highlight over 40. “Red eyeshadows can add years to your face simply by making your eyes look tired, irritated and generally giving a look of being unwell.”

There is very little that is flattering about a red eyeshadow, Jackson stresses, and she always advises “avoiding red on the eyes altogether.”

“I generally avoid red eyeshadow because it is such a tricky shade to get right on the eyes,” Jackson points out.

This, she says, is purely because of the “color of our blood,” which is red. “What happens when we cry, or have an allergic reaction to something, rub our eyes, or get a bruise? Our skin and eyes go red,” she adds.

This, she concludes, is why using a red eyeshadow can inadvertently look like “you have been crying, have allergies or something unpleasant altogether is going on. It’s not a very appealing or flattering look.” (Noted!)


Overall, discovering new eye makeup techniques for mature skin can be an enjoyable and exciting journey with the help of expert advice from makeup artists.

As skin ages, adjusting makeup routines becomes necessary, and experimenting with flattering eyeshadow and eyeliner options can enhance your best features and make your eyes truly stand out.

The beauty of aging skin is undeniable, and exploring different eye looks can be a thrilling and creative experience!