Yes, eyeshadow sticks can be used by anyone. But that doesn’t mean that you should just blindly pick one. Here are our best tips for purchasing an eyeshadow stick.

✔️ Color: If you’re just starting out, try buying a nude shade rather than diving in the deep end with something like a blue or purple. “For beginners, neutral shades can be more forgiving and easier to work with (and erase!) than bold colors,” advises Guerra.

✔️ Formula: Worried about summer heat causing sweat? Heading to the beach or pool? Consider the formula of your eyeshadow stick. “Many are designed to be long-wearing, crease-resistant and sometimes waterproof,” explains Guerra. “Some even have built-in priming elements, and can be used as primers themselves for powder shadows on top.”

✔️ Sharpener: Eyeshadow sticks that don’t twist up may need sharpening over time. Check to confirm if your eyeshadow stick comes with a built-in sharpener, and if not, purchase one separately. “Over time, the point of your eyeshadow stick can get a bit dull, or dirty from eyeliner and mascara residue. Give it a quick wipe with a tissue after each use and sharpen,” recommends Guerra.