“I think younger people don’t fully grasp what older generations mean when we say our parents had no idea what we were doing and really didn’t care. I see so many young folks angry about their parents not helping with grandkids, or going no contact with their parents, and they don’t grasp that many boomers and Gen X’ers raised themselves. Dinner was provided and basic needs were met (shelter, clothing, yearly medical physicals), but so little of everything else. I’m a Gen X’er, and so many of my friends are only now realizing how bad life was for some of our boomer parents as they are suffering from dementia, and as their sexual and physical assaults are coming to light.”


“My friends and I left the house on our bikes on Saturday morning, rode all over town, played by the river, grabbed lunch at whatever kid’s house we were at, and went back out again. We landed at home for dinner and then went back out until the streetlights came on.

“I don’t think people today realize the lack of organized entertainment and lack of electronics. We had almost endless freedom. It was wonderful.”