Makeup has the ability to enhance your natural features, boost your self-expression and create a flawless finish. However, if applied improperly, it can add unwanted years to your appearance. To avoid this, we consulted expert makeup artists to identify three common makeup mistakes made by mature beauties over 40.

The pros also shared practical tips on how to correct and prevent these mistakes, so you can achieve a youthful, radiant glow! Read on for tips, suggestions and insight from Kerrin Jackson, celebrity MUA and creator of The Makeup Refinery, Margina Dennis, celebrity MUA and beauty expert, Mary Winkenwerder, professional MUA, and Victoria DiPietro, cosmetologist and owner of Bella Angel.

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3 ‘Aging’ Makeup Errors To Avoid, According To The Pros

1. Using Dark Matte Lipstick

Jackson explains that “the trend of matte dark lipstick comes and goes with much regularity these days.” This fad, she stresses, will “never help anyone look younger, and this is due to simple principles of light.” Black or dark red shades “absorb more light than lighter and brighter shades,” she points out.

Jackson continues, saying that “these lipstick shades actually make your lips appear thinner than they are, and this results in aging your face.” The best way to avoid this “aging illusion,” she advises, is by “avoiding dark lipstick shades altogether.”


Dennis agrees, and says that “as we get older, we lose the rosiness in our skin and lips, and a drab lip color will draw attention to it.” Instead of opting for deep reds and violet shades, she suggests choosing blue-toned lip colors that “make the teeth look whiter.”

She also recommends a “moisturizing and balm lipstick” in shades that “emulate a youthful flush.” She also suggests “a clear lip liner or one that matches the lip color that will keep the color from feathering and look more natural.”


2. Applying Too Much Blush

According to Winkenwerder, applying too much of any makeup product won’t result in the desired look. In the case of blush, it can appear unnatural if not used in moderation.

To achieve a soft application, she recommends using a “poofy” or densely packed brush with lots of soft bristles, such as a kabuki brush.


“When too much color pigment ends up on the brush and then on the face, it creates an uneven application of color,” she warns.

To avoid this, she suggests “gently dabbing the brush onto the pigmented blush or lightly swirl,” then gently tapping the brush to shake off any excess color. Afterwards, she emphasizes, it is essential to clean the brush.


3. Adding Thick Eyeliner To Your Bottom Lash

DiPietro cautions that choosing the wrong style of eyeliner can accentuate dark under-eyes and crow’s feet around your eyes. To prevent this, she recommends refraining from applying eyeliner under the bottom lash and using it only on the upper eyelid.

“By using eyeliner correctly, you can create the illusion of a lift on your eyes,” she explains. DiPietro instructs to “outline your eyes on the top lid and just in the corner of your eye.”

She notes that you can “go a step further and add a cream color eyeliner or white on your waterline.” This will brighten up your eyes to create a more youthful look.


Another tip to “create a younger look with eyeliner,” she concludes, is to “create a subtle wing.” She says you should always “make sure when you make the wing that you start at the last lash and go up just a tiny bit.”

It’s vital to “stop right under where your eye creases, so that the wing doesn’t disappear and exaggerate your crease,” she advises.

The more you know!