On May 4, celebrate Free Comic Book Day at your local comic shop by taking thrilling first steps into Marvel’s most monumental upcoming stories! 

It’s one of the biggest days for the comic book industry and this year, Marvel will has whipped up something for every fan with FIVE Free Comic Book Day titles. With exciting lead-ins to Marvel’s next crossover event BLOOD HUNT, the X-Men’s post-Krakoa era, what’s on the horizon for the new Ultimate Universe, and more, it’s a must-have for fans who want entry points into the most anticipated comic book sagas of 2024! 

Plus, for the first time ever and fitting for May the 4, Marvel is proud to offer a Star Wars Free Comic Book Day title which explores the exciting storytelling coming to the galaxy far, far away. In addition, Marvel will once again spotlight creators and characters from different cultures, communities, and identities and provide the perfect first comic for new readers with the return of FREE COMIC BOOK DAY: MARVEL’S VOICES and FREE COMIC BOOK DAY: SPIDEY & HIS AMAZING FRIENDS. Read on to learn more!