After a week away, the Korner returns…

We here at Comic Watch want to highlight and support those projects across the various platforms, especially those projects that still need a push along with those stretch goals.

Below is a brief synopsis of the project; for more details and to support the projects, click on the link to the campaign page.

We Belong

An All-Black, All-Queer Sci-Fi and Fantasy Comics Anthology

Current Funding: $7,829
Funding Goal: $15,000
Days Left: 12

WE BELONG is a comics anthology composed of 100+ pages of sci-fi and fantasy stories that center the queer Black perspective, all from queer Black creatives.

The lack of Black queer characters and stories inspired writer Viktor Kerney (StrangeLore) to develop a collection of these phenomenal tales. Co-editing alongside critic and comics creator William O. Tyler (Theater of Terror: Revenge of the Queers), they have assembled an array of incredible creators to share their stories, including Jay Hero, C.A.P. Ward, Ajuan Mance and many more!

These stories showcase the fact that, despite what the landscape of popular fiction says, Black queer people have and do exist everywhere, in every time and space. Whether we’re fighting monsters or becoming superheroes, we belong. From intergalactic adventures to interdimensional exploration, we belong. As wizards, as mermaids, as witches, fully as ourselves, we belong.

This joint venture between award-winning comics publisher Stacked Deck Press and Prism Comics, a nonprofit promoting LGBTQIA+ comics, comics creators, and fandom, is a moment not to be missed.

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Tokyo Fire #1

Superpowered cops, superpowered criminals, radiation, revolution, leather-clad pyrokinetic madmen! Thieves, family, flame, Tokyo will burn.

Current Funding: $1,517
Funding Goal: $3,000
Days Left: 13

After botching the “one last job” that was supposed to get them up and out of the irradiated slums of the futuristic “Lower Tokyo”, two small-time crooks, Tib and Wren, along with their mentor, aspiring hoverbike racer Lee, are caught between superpowered gangs, a violent police state, a class revolution, and a leather-clad, pyrokinetic madman trying to burn it all down. Thieves, family, flame, Tokyo will burn.

Written by T.S. Luther (Growing Up), drawn by Sky Hawkins (Exhaust), and lettered by Mike Stock (Dead Roots), Tokyo Fire is a seven-issue limited-series that follows two back-alley thieves as they navigate their final days in a city on the brink of collapse and unravel the conspiracy that led to its downfall.

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Porkchop Robot Killer #1

Isolated in a dystopic wasteland overrun by AI-driven robots, a lone pig is on a quest to smash them all!

Current Funding: $2,173
Funding Goal: $3,000
Days Left: 05

Porkchop Robot Killer #1 is a 32 page, full color, special edition comic created by Tony Gregori (The Worst Dudes, TMNT, Deuce Of Hearts, Ancient Noise).

Originally inspired to honor a familial patriarch, Dominic “Porkchop” Gregori, Sr., the concept emerged from the sketchbook of a man sitting in a laundromat, doodling washer and dryers, thinking of odd combinations of appliances to source robot parts from, and the best possible creature to destroy them. A love of pigs, and especially talking pigs, lead to the birth of our heroic ham, PCRK!

Check out the Comic Watchers interview with Tony:

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Previously featured campaigns still running and unfunded:

Previously featured, fully funded Kickstarters Worth A Look:

Foul Mouth: The Superhero Who Gets Her Powers From Cursing

Her Gift Is To Curse!

Current Funding: $2,470
Funding Goal: $4,000
Days Left: 19

From the bat$h!t mind who brought you fast killer sloths (Slow Pokes), chancleta wielding grandmas who fight zombies (Zombie Date Night) and Santa fighting robots (X-Maschina), comes a superhero whose gift…is to CURSE!

After the divorce of her parents, teenager Faye Flik is adjusting to her new surroundings. A new city, a new home, and after accidentally getting possessed by a demon, new abilities that turn her curse words into the ultimate weapon against evil.

With amazing art and colors by Sarah Davidson (Hollow, Hero Too) and lettering that brings the whole project to life by HdE, this 20-page comic is filled with laughs, heart, and a F*#! Ton of action.

Check out this interview with Creator Steve Urena

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Professor Dario Bava: Orgy of the Blood Freaks 1 & 2

Diabolik Double Feature with Gringo Loco! Sexy Euro-Horror and Supernatural Spaghetti Western in flip book format for mature readers.

Current Funding: $5,917
Funding Goal: $7,500
Days Left: 19

Welcome monster lovers!

We’re funding Book 2 of our Double Feature graphic novel trilogy for mature readers, Orgy Of The Blood Freaks #2 and Gringo Loco #2, in a perfect bound, 88 page, oversized 8.25″ x 10.75″ book, along with a second printing of Book 1.

Two stories, two covers, one book! Twin tales of TERROR we DOUBLE DARE you to read!

If you’re new to the world of Professor Dario Bava and Gringo Loco, you can get caught up with Book 1 right here. Sexy horror romp on one side, supernatural spaghetti western on the other — a Diabolik Double Feature of your darkest dreams

Books are oversized 8.25″ x 10.75″ volumes chock full of story and art, printed on 80 lb satin paper and 110 lb cover stock with a silky matte finish. Book 1 is 80 pages with 62 pages of story, and Book 2 is 88 pages (96 after we hit our first stretch goal) with 80 pages of story.

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Grail Hunter #1

Grail Hunter is a scifi-fantasy by Trevor Baxter and Sean Manaloto. It’s Guardians of the Galaxy meets Arthurian Legend!

Current Funding: $4,573
Funding Goal: $5,000
Days Left: 5

From the RPG lore-filled mind of Trevor Baxter (Galahad’s Comics) comes Grail Hunter, a thrilling new comic series that blends the sci-fi action of Guardians of the Galaxy with the heroic grandeur of Arthurian Legend. Grail Hunter #1, the debut chapter of  a 6 issue story arc, kicks off a new universe where mythological creatures of lore– unicorns, dragons, centaurs, and more– are not only real, but are actually alien races who visited Earth during ancient history! Oh yeah, and they also stole the Holy Grail.

Beautifully depicted by artist Sean Manaloto (Godhark), issue #1 follows our titular intergalactic hero as he traverses this fantastic galaxy aboard his spaceship, Excalibur, in search of the Holy Grail.

Fortunately, Grail Hunter won’t be alone in his quest. In a fashion that RPG gamers everywhere will surely appreciate, he is joined by a crew of like-minded adventurers with their own unique talents and backstories. The ship’s engineerBasil, is a minotaur whose mechanical feats rival that of Marvel’s Tony Stark. The ace fairy pilot, Del, has magical fists that can K.O. even the toughest of opponents. Taking on the role of the stereotypical  A.I. companion aboard your sci-fi spacecraft is Pebbles, a golem who practices pacifism and loves to paint, Bob Ross style.

At a dead end in his search, Sirene, a mysterious woman in a floating chair, makes Grail Hunter an offer he can’t afford to refuse… the location of The Grail. All he must do is rescue her family from the most evil and dangerous gorgon warlord in the universe. Embark on this mythical journey in Grail Hunter #1!

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Arledge Comics’ 2023-24 Comic Line Up

Four new fantasy titles to add to your reading list.

Current Funding: $2,869
Funding Goal: $9,000
Days Left: 28

Arledge Comics is passionate about creating inclusive titles for the whole family, and we’re excited to showcase four new titles to add to your library!

This year, Arledge Comics is hoping to introduce some talented creators and amazing comics! By backing this Kickstarter campaign, you’ll both ensure these titles go to print, and you’ll get your hands on them before anyone else! This is also your chance to get exclusive behind the scenes artwork and guides, enamel pins, and more.

Project image for Arledge Comics' 2023-24 Comic Line Up

Cynthia has strange dreams. Her siblings, who are always getting into trouble, have accidentally awakened an ancient elder god from its slumber. Will Cynthia be brave enough to follow the source of her visions while outside forces try to use her for their own gain?

 === === === ===

ONE-SHOT: A Chaotic Fantasy Adventure

Criminals bound for the gallows make a deal with a demon to save their necks in this one-shot comic that’s D&D meets The Suicide Squad.

Current Funding: $2,702
Funding Goal: $6,800
Days Left: 25

Beem was a petty thief. Echo disparaged the wrong nobleman. Thonk smashed things – lots of things. Whatever reasons sentenced them to the Broken Bark, eight criminals now face the same fate: complete a perilous mission for the demon Loreck…or die trying.

ONE-SHOT is a 28-page high fantasy comic with fast-paced action, biting satire, and heroes with a short shelf life. And as the title suggests, it is a standalone story told in the spirit of a D&D adventure.

A quick note about the adventurers found within these pages: they are embarking on a perilous quest at the command of a conniving “benefactor”. They will face all manner of monstrous challenges from skeleton armies, ghosts, demons, and more. It doesn’t take long for the team to realize they might’ve been safer on death row.

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Three One-Shot Comics! Granite, Noir and Endless Hunt!

Three new One-Shot comics in Epic Fantasy’s publishing line: Fantasy/Action, Raunchy Mature NSFW Hero, and a Vigilante Hero comic!

Current Funding: $4,468
Funding Goal: $6,000
Days Left: 2

Link:  Three One-Shot Comics! Granite, Noir and Endless Hunt!

Endless Hunt – A warrior King hunts for his lost love only to find her and remember that she was never really lost at all. Scemu, warrior king of the Frozen Tundra of Ryk ventures on a quest to find his Queen Arula, seemingly kidnapped by an evil Sorcerer named Draoid. Through a sequence of nightmarish encounters Scemu finds himself cast into different worlds, questioning his own reality as he ventures to find the woman he loves.

Three One-Shot Comics! Granite, Noir and Endless Hunt!Epic Fantasy is back, and we are bigger than ever. We are offering not just one new title but three brand new One-Shot comics that are sure to excite you like no other. This campaign is to raise funds for the printing of all the books, as well as any final production needs.

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The Ex-Wives of Frankenstein 1

A modern comic reimagining of the classic characters

Current Funding: $2,201
Funding Goal: $3,000
Days Left: 19

A new series from the creator of Octopus, Haunted Hill, Shed, Black Sand Beach, Four- Color Heroes and hundreds of other books.

Elizabeth Frankenstein and The Bride reconnect on the day that their respective ex-husbands are found living as a couple in the arctic circle. Now, forced back into the spotlight, the two women must navigate the public scrutiny that comes from being the ex-wives of America’s favorite gay inventor and his reanimated monster boyfriend.

This is a book about people who didn’t choose each other, but know that no one else could understand what they’ve been through….this debut issue is guaranteed to hook you in.

Find out who The Bride of Frankenstein is outside of all the screaming when she first woke up.

 === === === ===

That’s a wrap for this week from us, next week we will return with new projects to spotlight also if you are crowdfunding a project and would like to be put in the Korner, drop us a line at, and we will take a look when we put together next week’s post.
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