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Tick-tock, tick-tock…It’s time to stop the clock!

Current Funding: $1,296

Funding Goal: $2,500
Days Left: 27

This series is a simple one: Inspired by the notorious EC horror comics of the fifties and the Warren horror mags of the seventies, Bomb Scares was originallyally a horror anthology released through Kickstarter as a series of black and white 100-page volumes, and edited by Paul H Birch.

Bomb Scares is here to rock your mortal souls to the very bone with a crowded houseful of horror-chocked graphic narratives from the following amazing international talents such as:

  • Dead by Mel Smith, Clark Castillo, Birch & Alex Nino

    Sailing in on the high seas, is this stark thriller of epic survival against the carnivorous desires of the undead; now risen and roaming the earth, as illustrated by a true living legend of the comics medium.

  • Amongst The Trees by Liam Sharp

    Existentialism, alienation and indifference are all pondered in a tense and chilling vignette crafted by one of today’s leading comic book creators.

  • Home Front: by John Erasmus

    There’s nothing to be trifled at when a dinner party hosted by a serial killer goes horribly wrong in this hilarious soap-opera send-up of a saga

With the third volume appearing back in October 2021 it then seemed the perfect opportunity to take Bomb Scares in a different direction. The result is Bomb Scares #1: a relaunched, reformatted, more streamlined anthology package that will include both color and black and white strips with content intended to scare, intrigue, bemuse and repulse – and throw in a dash of unexpected pitch-black humour too

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Sassy, sexy and full of supernatural charm, Richard Pace’s witches have proved remarkably popular.

Current Funding: $12,283

Funding Goal: $5,000
Days Left: 26

All 62 daily drawings from Witchtober 2022 and 2023 as well as the 38 weekly Witchy Wednesday drawings are now contained in this book.

Capturing the best of Spooky Season for you to enjoy year-round as these women cast their spell on you as you turn the pages

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Nolan Ward has tried everything to outrun it, but it’s finally caught up to him. And it’s hungry…

Current Funding: $4,591

Funding Goal: $3,000
Days Left: 27

Something wicked this way comes… For the first time since 2019, the team behind the hit series CANTO reunites for something new and decidedly more sinister. Join Eisner-nominated writer David M. Booher and fan-favorite artist Drew Zucker, along with CANTO colorist Vittorio Astone and letterer AndWorld Design, for a twisted new one-shot horror story that you’ll have to read to believe.

Investment banker Nolan Ward is on top of the world–wealthy, fit, attractive, and available. Yet, his drug-fueled partying masks a darker past. When he meets a mysterious art gallery owner, he’ll come face-to-face with the ghost that has haunted him all his life. It’s a painting called The Feeding. It has returned… and it’s ready for its next meal.

The Feeding is a twisted new one-shot horror story that you’ll have to read to believe. For the first time since 2019, Eisner-nominated writer David M. Booher (RAIN, KILLER QUEENS) and fan-favorite artist Drew Zucker (THE HOUSE) have teamed up with CANTO colorist Vittorio Astone and letterer AndWorld Design once more for new story that’s decidedly more sinister!

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The awakening of humanity begins…just as the world starts to end

Current Funding: $1,957

Funding Goal: $15,000
Days Left: 20

The year is 2040…Twelve years before the projected apocalypse. A team of scientists contracted by the military known as The Andromeda Project are tracking the arrival of an alien energy from another galaxy. Lead on that project are two rivals, Captain Nicolas Delemar and Professor Patrick Adams. No one knows how the energy will arrive and what damage it could do to the planet, so Patrick has worked diligently to create protection mechanisms at the projected site of the landing, Cumberland Falls, Kentucky.

Allister Adams, a boy with the curiosity and fear of any seven-year old, has accompanied his dad, Patrick, to his workplace at Andromeda Power, the nearby plant. In this story, we are plunged into the lingering aftermath of a severe thunderstorm. We feel a young boy’s angst and a protective parent’s uncertainty in lines like, “Storms aren’t meant to hurt us. That’s just Mother Nature telling us how she feels.” But the violence in the sky feels anything but natural. Something is coming that will change Earth forever. Could it be the beginning of the end?

It soon becomes clear that courage will be the only light that can lead Allister and his dad. And even that may not be enough to survive

Already a succesful sci-fi book series, The Arrival is the first official comic book from the Lost Children of Andromeda universe. This story follows Allister Adams, the main character of the LCOA series, as we learn the origins of his abilities and the apocalypse. A catastrophic superstorm threatens the unsuspecting citizens of Cumberland Falls, sending Allister and his father Patrick on the run in hopes of survival.

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Previously featured campaigns still running and unfunded:

 Previously featured, fully funded Kickstarters Worth A Look:

Head Hauntcho

The little card game bursting with spirit

Current Funding: $5,776

Funding Goal: $6,000
Days Left: 24

Head Hauntcho is a small box card game where two to five players compete to haunt as many locations as possible. Gameplay revolves around constructing spirit chains of different ghostly patterns, as well as using special powers to gain the upper hand and steal victory from opponents. With adjustable mechanics and alternate scoring rules, Head Hauntcho can be enjoyed by nearly all ages and skill levels.

The main goal of Head Hauntcho is capturing locations using Spirit Cards. Players begin the game with three Spirit Cards in hand, as well as a full row of active Grave Cards (an area known as the Graveyard) beside their Spirit Leader of choice. Location Cards are set in a row at the center of the playing area, the amount of cards corresponding to the number of players.

==== ====

Isaki Uta: The Lost & Found Collection

A box set from Irodori Comics featuring four bittersweet manga about life, love, and loneliness, including “Mine-kun is Asexual”

Current Funding: $5,021

Funding Goal: $7,500
Days Left: 25

Isaki Uta is a renowned Japanese manga writer and artist best known for their comics centered about characters navigating their experiences and relationship with their gender and sexual identities. They are known for their short stories Mine-kun is Asexual, Silkscreen, and other stories which have appeared in Éclair: A Girls’ Love Anthology That Resonates in Your Heart and Éclair Blanche. Is Love The Answer? was their first solo work to appear in print in English.

Project image for Isaki Uta: The Lost & Found Collection

Now Irodori Comics presents a box set featuring four of their stories, which will appear in English in print for the first time, including:

  • Mine-kun is Asexual
  • Leaper
  • Mermaid In The Bottle
  • Silkscreen

==== ====

THE MIDNIGHT ORDER – Supernatural Horror by Mathieu Bablet

A globe-spanning graphic novel about a secret agency of witches policing the occult in a war over the sanity of mankind.

Current Funding: $35,074

Funding Goal: $7,500
Days Left: 13

For hundreds of years, those attuned to the powers of magic and supernaturalism have been ostracized and persecuted as “witches” by those who do not understand them or wish to maintain power over them. And yet these individuals continued to practice their knowledge in secrecy to protect themselves and those around them from occult evils that would invade our reality. The most dedicated of these individuals formed THE MIDNIGHT ORDER, an organization that grew through generations into a secret globe-spanning organization of agents who protect humanity from unknown demonic forces that could end the world if left unchecked

Created by artist and author MATHIEU BABLET, creator of the celebrated, award-winning SHANGRI-LA, CARBON & SILICON, and ADRASTEA, THE MIDNIGHT ORDER is an action-packed series of interlinked short tales set in a shadowy shared universe of witches, witch-hunters, and a menagerie of unimaginable beasts that roam the world unnoticed. Together with a team of 13 other writers and artists, Mathieu weaves an intricate tale around Sheridan and Johnson, two of the Order’s best agents, as they pursue the Seraph, an ancient power that threatens to corrupt their ranks from within. Torn by deeds committed in their pasts, Sheridan and Johnson find themselves on opposite sides of a moral quandary, with the fate of the Order hanging between them. Will they be able to overcome their own ghosts to save the world?

==== ====

The Dead and the Damned #1

A dark fantasy apocalypse presented by Goats Flying Press, a new independent comic book publisher.

Current Funding: $5,931

Funding Goal: $13,000
Days Left: 24

A dark fantasy apocalypse set in a world that for centuries has been ravaged by a horrifying curse where all things that die return to wage war on the living.

Equal parts sword and sorcery epic and end-times road trip, The Dead and the Damned is a Mature Readers fantasy comic set in an original world spanning a centuries-long history. It features a sprawling cast of characters, jaw-dropping visuals, soul-wrenching drama, and darkly humorous adventure in a world where the only fate worse than death… is life.

When a necromancer, whose armies have nearly succeeded in eradicating all life, is wounded in a final battle, his control over the horizonless legions of the dead falters.

Over the centuries the necromancer, known as the Gravehand, plucked four champions from the grave to serve as his personal guard: The Pallbearers. While in his wounded state, the Pallbearers mysteriously regained enough consciousness to be able to make a choice: do they follow their master’s final bidding and carry his catatonic corpse to the Black Womb, a dark fortress where he may restore himself, or do they betray the Gravehand to claim the throne for themselves?

Four dead heroes, separated in life by centuries, but now united in death, must rip, tear, and grind their way back across the blasted remnant of a world they helped destroy, each forced to face their past selves and the failings of their mortal ambitions.

Hot on the heels of the the Pallbearers are two warriors born into a world with no future, who may find that in each other’s hearts there is just enough light to risk one more step into the darkness…

==== ====

Nothing Special: The Art of Adventure

A behind the scenes art book for the critically acclaimed NOTHING SPECIAL series by Katie Cook!

Current Funding: $24,823

Funding Goal: $18,000
Days Left: 20

Two not-so-human teenagers and a friendly ghost radish face the fantasy adventure of a lifetime in this captivating graphic novel, featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes material, from the inimitable Katie Cook.

In the grand scheme of the worlds at large, Callie thinks she’s nothing special. Sure, she’s friends with the ghost of a radish and her dad owns a magical antique shop–but she’s spent her life in the human world. Her dad won’t let her join him on his collection trips in the magical realm “for her own protection”, so she’s only caught glimpses of that world through the gates of the town where her father’s store is.

On her seventeenth birthday, Callie goes home with her friend Declan to find her home in disarray and her dad missing. Signs of a struggle point to the portal to the magical realm and when there are signs, you follow them. Now it’s up to Callie, Declan, and Radish to band together and bring him home. As they face creatures good and bad, and all sorts of adventure, Callie and Declan may just find out that they are both special in their own ways after all.

Volume 1 of the series is being released in March of 2024 from Ten Speed Press and you can pre-order it at your favorite bookshop or get a direct reservation of it with your other rewards if this project funds!

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A frightening tale of Zomby Kid and his struggle to survive with malevolent forces coming at him.

Current Funding: $88

Funding Goal: $700
Days Left: 24

This campaign is for the Original Comic Book series written by Ryan Watson (Wattz), Drawn by Rolly Marchadesch and Nelson Graphitt, and front cover art by Brian Azcurra. A thrilling 20 page Comic Book Story printed in Standard Monthly Comic Format.

After 5 years revising and finding the perfect artist, Zomby Kid is ready for consumption. As the creator I’ve been inspired by EC comics and other comics from that time period. My passion for the craft has pushed me forward to see this project through. We’re raising funds to cover costs including the printing, artwork, and materials. This will be an adventure horror with violence and gore. It is a black and white comic, at least for now. I see it as an ongoing series that could easily reach 100 issues.

==== ====

2nd Place Graphic Novel

A family comic book about bodybuilding aliens told in Mockumentary style! “Pumping Iron” meets “The Office”.

Current Funding: $276

Funding Goal: $3,500
Days Left: 29

You are looking at a comic book~ that is a Mockumentary~ about a bodybuilding competition~ about Aliens……

We here at “2nd Place” would like you to reread that first sentence. 

We admit it was super fun to make an all-ages book from the camera’s point-of-view, and with a super silly/funny/genre defying premise, but the true heart of the story comes… like most stories do… from family.

Project image for 2nd Place Graphic Novel

Ferig is a champion bodybuilder in a small quadrant obsessed with Earth bodybuilders. As such, a documentary crew comes to film their latest competition. It just so happens to be the first competition Ferig’s son is competing in!”

“Ferig is proud of his boy, loves his wife and the life he has made but it is still hard not to think of what could have been. It’s even worse when the ‘what-could-have-been’ did happen to his greatest competitive enemy ARMIE. Even worse when his son worships the now famous movie star!”

==== ==== ====

That’s a wrap for this week from us, next week we will return with new projects to spotlight also if you are crowdfunding a project and would like to be put in the Korner, drop us a line at  chad@comic-watch.com, and we will take a look when we put together next week’s post.

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