KHLOE Kardashian has been accused of blackfishing in her Bratz Halloween costume despite years of backlash surrounding the topic.

The Kardashians star has been the center of blackfishing scrutiny throughout the years.

Khloe dressed as a Bratz doll for Halloween


Khloe dressed as a Bratz doll for HalloweenCredit: Instagram/ Khloe Kardashian
Her skin color was darker and she used prosthetics to make her lips appear bigger


Her skin color was darker and she used prosthetics to make her lips appear biggerCredit: Instagram/ Khloe Kardashian
Fans slammed Khloe and accused her of 'blackfishing'


Fans slammed Khloe and accused her of ‘blackfishing’Credit: Hulu

Now fans believe Khloe, 39, has repeated the offense after she shared photos dressed like a Bratz doll for Halloween.

The reality star took to her Instagram profile on Tuesday to post a professional photoshoot that she coordinated with her friends Olivia Pierson, and Natalie Halcro, and her sister Kim, 43.

In the snaps, the four ladies each dressed as a different Bratz doll, in similar plaid outfits but with different colors.

Khloe rocked a yellow-themed look complete with a plaid mini dress, a white long-sleeved shirt, a beret hat, and tall black boots.

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The mother of two’s platinum blonde hair was worn extra long and nearly hit the floor with wavy curls.

The TV star posted photos with the crew of girls but also some solo shots in the costume.

But fans were appalled by the look, as many noticed Khloe’s skin color appeared to be several shades darker than her natural.

The Hulu star, Kim, and their friends also used prosthetic makeup to create the appearance of bigger lips, similar to Bratz dolls.

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In a video shared to her Instagram Story, Khloe removed the prosthetics while in the car with her friends.


Many followers were stunned by the clip and the Halloween costume overall, taking to Reddit and social media to slam the stars and accuse them of “blackfishing.”

Blackfishing refers to someone altering their appearance through hairstyling or makeup to appear Black or another race.

“How will True and Tatum feel when they grow older and see things like this, making a costume out of their natural lips? Maybe things like this are the reason the black men she dates keep dogging her,” one scathed.

“Oh so now they mock black women to boot – all while cosplaying as one .. f**king a**holes.. can we cancel these b***hes already,” a second ranted.

“And the media will completely ignore them doing blackface. Anyone else would be cancelled,” a third claimed.

“What in the hell?! Is this a coat of latex over their lips? I’m so confused?” a fourth wondered.

“Thought this was a black woman when first seen,” a fifth put shortly.

“They blackfish all the time, what else is new? Like she legit looks nothing like herself. I thought she was a black women when I first seen it,” a final agreed.


This wasn’t the first occasion Khloe has faced blackfishing claims.

Back in July, fans noticed odd details about her appearance in a video.

A grab from an episode of The Kardashians was posted on Reddit where critics picked it apart and accused her of blackfishing.

Several commenters noted that Khloe looked significantly tanner in the scenes than she typically does.

They asked: “Who does she think she is?”

The person who posted the grab went on to claim that when the Good American founder “does somewhere to interact with people of color she dresses” in a different way than her normal style.

Another commenter pointed out her “privilege,” writing: “Classic case of a privileged white woman dressing up in casual streetwear because she wants to seem relatable to all the cultured moms soldiering through life in the ghetto. I’d love to see Khloe last five minutes in the real world where moms struggle and grind every day to raise their kids.

“The audacity that she’s using that as an aesthetic.”

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Khloe and Kim Kardashian were visiting women in a shelter in the scene in question.

A third commenter questioned: “How much bronzer did these h**s put on to go to this women’s shelter?”

Khloe has been accused of cultural appropriation for years


Khloe has been accused of cultural appropriation for yearsCredit: Hulu
Fans have ripped her for going 'too far' with tanner to change her skin color


Fans have ripped her for going ‘too far’ with tanner to change her skin colorCredit: Getty