Nick Schifrin:

One month ago, Shaylee Atary and Yahav Winner celebrated their newborn, Shaya. On Saturday, the family was torn apart.

Shaylee Atary, Wife of Missing Israeli: In the early morning, the — I was awake. I was supposed to give her food.

When we heard the first bombing in my kibbutz, Kfar Aza, I thought it’s a regular bombing we have, like, each couple of months there, but then we understand it’s bigger. And then, after 15 minutes, we heard shootings. And then people are voicing, saying (speaking foreign language) which is like “Come, come” in Arabic.

So, three minutes after that, we heard them outside of our bedroom. They just opened the window and put their hand inside my bedroom. But my husband, before, when we heard them, we had a signal that said, you are keeping the door. I’m with the child.

When they put their hand to open the window, he pushed them to the other sign and gave me a look to go away. So I took my daughter, 1-month-old daughter, with no shoes, no phone. My husband was left with there with a lot of people that want to kill him probably.

And I ran away. I ran, but inside of bushes, so they won’t see me. They were shooting at me and my daughter. We hid inside the shed of our (inaudible) and I heard voices near. So I took things like bowls you put flowers in, and I put the empty ones, and I put them on me and Shaya with buckets of sand for the garden.

And I hide behind a washing machine. But then, after a while that, I had Shaya all the time. She was sleeping. But then inside the shed, she started crying after a while. So, then it’s when I understand that I have to go outside of the shed. But there were much more bombing and shooting over there.

But then one family, actually, they saved me. They were the only one who opened. They had a camera around the house. And they could see I’m not one of them. So they could see I’m with a child. They opened up the house with a child. And we were in that house for 27 hours.

They were bombing 27 hours, and they’re still bombing now. And there are still families over there and missing people. My husband is missing. So please, if someone sees him, he has a tattoo of a feather, a colored one. He’s white. He has brown hair and blue eyes. And I’m looking for him, because we didn’t find his bodies.

We had a lot of bodies because — and they didn’t find him. I don’t know. Like, in this time, I quite hope he is kidnapped to Gaza. I know it’s like not like a great hope. But if I think of the hours that — that were since the bombing, it’s too much time for him to last.

So, I hope he was kidnapped, I hope, right?