Deep red lipsticks are timeless and glamorous, but they could also inadvertently draw attention to signs of aging in mature beauties (which may not be the intention). We asked celebrity makeup artists and experts for their top tips to help you find the best lipstick shade for your skin tone and accentuate your natural beauty.

Read on to learn more about lipstick advice for women over 50 and why a dark lipstick should be avoided if a youthful look is your goal. We caught up with celebrity makeup artists Kerrin Jackson, creator of The Makeup Refinery and Heather Adessa Spadaro, founder of the Makeup + Hair Co.

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Lipstick Tips for Women Over 50: Experts Discuss Why Deep Red Shades Should Be Avoided

The trend of dark lipstick “comes and goes with much regularity these days,” Jackson says, “but this fad will never help anyone look younger.” She adds that this is due to the “simple principles of light.” Black or dark red shades absorb more light than lighter and brighter shades, she explains.

“What that means is that on your lips, these lipstick shades “actually make your lips appear thinner than they are,” she continues, and “that, in turn, results in aging your face.” Jackson stresses that the “best way to avoid this aging illusion is to avoiding dark lipstick shades altogether.”

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In general, aside from “catwalk shows and theatrical events,” Jackson believes there is “very little need for dark to black shades of lipstick in our everyday lives.” It suits “so few of us,” she says, and “perhaps it is better left for dress-up parties and Halloween time.”

However, if you “absolutely love a dark lipstick shade, and need to wear one,” Jackson suggests coating it with a clear gloss over the top. She says this will “help reflect some light off the dark color, and give your lips the illusion of appearing fuller.”

Otherwise, she advises “sticking with a lighter, brighter tone, such as a classic 1940s red, or warm-based lipstick.” These are “far more flattering shades on all of us,” Jackson points out.

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How to Find the Best Lipstick Shade for Your Skin Tone (and Undertones)

Spadaro recommends “looking at your undertones” when shopping for lipstick, as “usually medium and warm undertones can steer in any direction, however cooler undertones usually look best in blue-based reds.”

She says neutral undertones can rock “blue-based lipsticks or a pink or peach-based red.” Olive complexions look “great in coral-reds,” she adds. “Regardless of the red – wear it in confidence,” she recommends.

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If you want to try red, but are scared to go all the way, Spadaro suggests starting with a “red gloss or a red liner and a more sheer lipstick or gloss over it.” She says to “get yourself comfortable with color before jumping in.”

“If you want to try something bold but not red, hot pinks and bright corals are always fun choices,” Spadaro adds. “Again, check the undertones,” she concludes. For a final pro tip, Spadaro stresses that “if you are doing a bold lip, that is your statement,” and women over 50 should “keep the rest of the makeup minimal to keep the focus on that lip.”