seagulls in maine

seagulls in maine

What are you up to this weekend? Tonight my friend and I are going to see a play by Rachel Bloom (of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend fame) called Death, Let Me Do My Show. It looks funny with lots of existential dread, just like I like ’em. Hope you have a good one — Shana Tova to those celebrating Rosh Hashanah — and here are a few fun links from around the web…

My favorite city boots to wear all fall and winter.

Love a bedroom nook.

Beyoncé’s birthday Renaissance show celebrated the depths of Black womanhood. “The reality is too many Black women don’t make it to 42 and too many are not celebrated. We’re dying from childbirth. We’re dying from violence. We’re going missing and hardly anyone is looking for us. We’re overlooked and undervalued… Black women are pressured to be the backbone for people, institutions and systems when their backs are already breaking or broken. Being part of the BeyHive often means Beyoncé’s music takes the weight of the world off of our backs whether it’s a three-minute song or a near three-hour concert. The BeyHive protects Beyoncé because her existence and music have so often offered refuge from the world when loud and proud versions of love, support and positivity can be hard to find.”

The iPhone alarm actually sounds really beautiful as a piano ballad.

Bathtub in the kitchen? Not a problem for New Yorkers. (NYTimes gift link)

How cute is this wear-everyday combo? And it has soft French terry inside.

Aubrey Plaza and Christopher Abbott (Charlie from Girls) are starring in a play together. “[Abbott] cares but he also doesn’t care; it’s the best recipe for me for a scene partner,” Plaza said… The feeling is mutual. “We’re both unafraid to be ugly and weird and strange,” said Abbott. (NYTimes gift link)

This back-to-school checklist, “written by a kid,” made me laugh out loud.

Similar to a self-love ring, I’d love to wear this beautiful necklace.

An easy hack for better boxed brownies.

Truth, haha.

Plus, three reader comments because I love them all so much:

Says Dahlia on an empty nester’s Danish apartment: “As a longtime daily reader, I adore CoJ. As a 53-year-old woman who didn’t have children, I enjoy the opportunity to learn from the mothering content, but oh, how my heart thrills every time there is a white-haired woman featured. I can remember each of them! I hope there is a chorus of ‘more, more!’ aspirational models of how to age with joy and relish are so necessary in our age-phobic culture. Love this piece!”

Says Jenny on my sex mixtape: “When I was a teenager who was tops at speech and debate and embroidering Sylvia Plath on my totebag, I felt totally un-dateable and unlovely. In retrospect, it was a protection spell to make it through high school after my dad died, without the interference of boys. I do remember absolutely burning to the ground with teenage hormone fire to Bob Dylan’s Lay Lady Lay ‘his clothes are dirty but his hands are clean / you’re the best thing that he’s ever seen’ and getting high solely off the fumes of that refracted desire. I’m back in my hometown on a rural rotation, in the mostly-ruined house I grew up in, and similarly feeling undesirable — but being wrong about it. All of the new selves (city self, doctor self, survived-abuse self) keep getting collapsed by the ghost Jennys left in this town. That teenage wound of feeling unwantable has filled up so much of my adult life. Fuck it. Angel Olsen ‘Burn Your Fire for No Witness’ era, wide pants, big clogs, night swims, library book, wanting myself era, turning 35, let’s go!”

Says Tee on my sex mixtape: “I got divorced about a year ago and felt strongly about not dating ever again — I felt like I’d experienced that part of life and didn’t want to go back. And then… and then and then… I met someone at the grocery store (!!!). I was in the store, crying quietly because it was Christmastime and I’d just dropped my kids with their dad. I was feeling very alone in the world. And he was there, asked if I was okay, and hugged me. Now I am having the best sex (and maybe love) that I’ve ever known. If you wanna feel warm and moody, try Lost in the Light by Bahamas.”

(Photo by Dave Waddell/Stocksy.)

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