Step into a world of fashion that embraces the allure of cultures from around the globe at Yaatree Bazaar. Nestled in the heart of Barnegat Light and guided by the creative vision of Taylor Thorn, the boutique stands as a sanctuary for those seeking unique, handcrafted clothing and accessories with international influence. From the vibrant textiles of India to the intricate craftsmanship of Indonesia, each piece narrates a tale of creativity and cultural fusion. With Thorn’s curation, Yaatree invites clients to explore the worldly spirit in all of us.

Thorn’s retail journey began on Long Beach Island, where she garnered a deep understanding of what appeals to customers seeking distinctive and personalized style. After years spent working at Island Gypsy and as the main buyer at Sun Dog, Thorn’s diverse experiences brought her to the realization that her love for travel and her keen eye for fashion could blend into something extraordinary.

IMMERSION:  Yaatree Bazaar invites shoppers into a journey east. Breathable rami fabric makes for perfect beachwear. Who said robes can’t be a signature look? Rami pants sets are solid for breezy days.  (Photo by Ryan Morrill)

A musician by training, Thorn’s path to fashion took a serendipitous twist. Regular trips through Asia, particularly to Thailand, Indonesia and India, fueled her creative spirit. Beyond tourism, the trips were immersive cultural encounters that would later define the soul of Yaatree Bazaar. The bustling markets, special textiles and vibrant colors served as wellsprings of inspiration, igniting Thorn’s desire to share her experiences.

“Everything is a learning process for me. I’m not perfect. I didn’t go to design school. I’m mostly a curator in all of this. I like to pay attention to how women and men and vacationers shop, and listen to what they like and don’t like, and then I use all of that information to make my clothes,” Thorn said.

The uniqueness of Yaatree Bazaar lies not only in the garments, but also in the connections Thorn has forged with artisans across continents. Thorn collaborates with skilled tailors in India and Indonesia to create her collections. Each piece carries with it a personal touch, representing the cultural influences and craftsmanship of these talented artisans. On her annual trips, or “treasure hunts” as she calls them, Thorn delves into sourcing textiles, collecting fabrics, and discovering hidden gems that resonate with her brand’s ethos.

There’s even a broad selection of men’s wear, not that styles can’t be fluid. (Photo by Ryan Morrill)

At Yaatree, the spotlight shines on diversity, not only in terms of the styles it offers, but also in the sizes available. Thorn’s vision is rooted in inclusivity, ensuring that her creations cater to a broad demographic. The clothing is versatile and comfortable, designed to be adaptable to individual preferences, with a focus on flowy and free-spirited fits.

“I try to make things that are multiple sizes in one. Nothing is too fitted. Everything is very effortless and comfortable. You can tie it up and make it tighter or not tie it and wear it loose,” Thorn said. “I also sell belts so customers can tighten the waist of a dress and it completely changes the look.”

One staple of Yaatree’s offerings is the fusion of colors and patterns, making every piece a true work of art in itself. Thorn’s passion for dressing musicians has translated into her apparel being worn on stages near and far. Musicians, performers and those who appreciate vibrant and lively aesthetics find solace in her collections.

For men, Yaatree Bazaar boasts a selection of shirts that effortlessly fuse tropical motifs with funky patterns. These shirts serve as expressive canvases, allowing men of all ages to make a loud fashion statement. Women’s fashion at Yaatree is equally versatile. The boutique caters to young and mature clients, understanding that style preferences transcend age boundaries. From the sophisticated and modest to the daring and bold, Yaatree’s dresses effortlessly span a range of design elements. This inclusivity ensures that everyone finds something that resonates with their personal taste. From crop tops for the younger generation to elegant dresses for various occasions, Yaatree Bazaar houses endless options.

The boutique’s jumpsuits, designed to emulate the grace of dresses, feature wide legs and a flattering A-line silhouette that transitions from fitted to flowy. Tiered dresses are another customer favorite at Yaatree. Featuring cotton block prints sourced from India, these dresses are an ode to patterns and colors that come alive on fabric. The striking tiered design comes in a range of bold prints to give wearers an opportunity to experiment with their look.

While the boutique predominantly features eye-catching patterns, solids are available as well in the highly coveted Rami fabric. This material resembles linen or bamboo, but it is much lighter and luxurious. Rami starts off as a natural off-white color and then Thorn’s tailors dye each piece to create her very own version of solids. It’s a fabric that lends itself to layering, serving as an excellent beach cover-up due to its breathability and comfort. With historical ties to monks who favored it for its coolness, Rami is soft, delicate and ideal for warm summer days.

The boutique also showcases a variety of accessories, from woven bags crafted in Indonesia to handmade jewelry from local artisans such as West Village Tribe.

Yaatree also carries an array of exquisite fabrics, transporting patrons to a realm of possibilities. From sarongs to blankets and quilts, the boutique invites the creatively inclined to explore the artistry of textiles. Seamstresses seeking inspiration and fun materials to craft pillowcases or embark on innovative projects will find a treasure trove of fabrics waiting to be transformed into personalized expressions of creativity.

Every stitch tells a story at Yaatree Bazaar. It is a haven for handmade clothing that encapsulates the colors, patterns and spirit of the countries that captivate Thorn and are sure to charm shoppers. For more information and to explore the collections, visit or follow the boutique on Instagram @yaatree_bazaar for style inspiration. Don’t miss the shop’s final Sunday Bazaar of the summer on Sept. 3, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., featuring live music and handcraft vendors.