Colorado residents can apply for PTC rebate

In Colorado, the Property Tax/Rent/Heat (PTC) rebate will support people with disabilities alongside older adults as they pay property taxes, rent, and heating bills.

The total amount available is up to $1,044, and if you apply in 2023, you’ll earn up to a $1,000 refundable tax credit.

The state anticipates the program to provide more than $7million in relief to Coloradans in 2023 alone.

To qualify, you must be a full-year Colorado resident meeting a certain set of criteria.

Either you must be 65 years of age or older, have a surviving spouse 58 years of age or older, or have a disability. There are income stipulations as well.

For single filers, income is capped at $16,925 while those married filing jointly can make up to $22,858 to qualify.