Kate Moss was recently spotted in London, smoking a cigarette outside Cecconi’s, an Italian restaurant in the district of Mayfair. The iconic supermodel, 49, went for a minimal makeup look, and the paparazzi-snapped photos of her from her September 13th outing went viral online soon after.

While some fans deemed her to be “unrecognizable” or “different-looking,” others on social media praised her “natural, unfiltered look” and “timeless beauty.” For her day out, Moss donned a pink, long-sleeved, button-down top with a black-and-white diamond pattern. She added black trousers and tiny gold hoop earrings.

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New Photos Of Kate Moss Smoking Go Viral As Fans Defend Her ‘Natural Beauty’

Page Six uploaded the new, off-duty shots of the runway legend in an Instagram post for their 915K followers, and fans headed to the comment section to share their thoughts. “She looks like 49 year old model who has been smoking since 17. Let her be,” one wrote as another added: “This is exactly how Kate Moss looks to me: Age appropriate.” Another concurred, sharing: “Kate Moss looks 49. Big surprise…people age! Leave her alone.”

Someone else chimed in, referencing the many photo-editing apps and plastic surgery procedures that other celebs often use, and how Moss looks “just fine” and “still beautiful” considering she is almost 50. “It’s ok to get older,” one other noted. “This is just how ppl look without photoshopping and filters. We’re not used to seeing it,” another fan replied.

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Others stressed that Moss has “eternal” beauty (we agree!) and that criticizing a moment where she went makeup-free is actually “degrading to women.” One added: “She looks beautiful. Heaven forbid a woman forego makeup and age gracefully without pumping her face full of fillers.” (We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!)

In an interview with The Sunday Times published over the weekend, Moss was asked about how she is preparing for her 50th birthday in January. “I’m not turning 50,” Moss said, before noting that she feels like she is in “denial” about her milestone trip around the sun. “No. I’m not thinking about it. I do not feel 50,” she added. She also stressed that she is “au naturel” when asked if she ever underwent plastic surgery, got Botox or fillers.

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Moss also opened up about utilizing products from her wellness brand Cosmoss to unwind and meditating frequently to practice self-care. Regarding smoking, the style icon said: “I still smoke occasionally. I’ve heard that when you stop, you can really tell [by your skin]. But I haven’t stopped … yet.”

She also disclosed that she has relinquished her former party-going ways. “I’m not really into it. When I do go out I leave at midnight – that’s my cut-off,” she said. Moss added: “After that [time] people start repeating themselves,” before also sharing that Frasier is her comfort show and “bedtime watch” that helps her get ready for sleep.